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I've discovered a fun new thing to do in my diapers, everyone! This gets a bit gross; I talk about enemas and bananas and putting bananas in your butt, and my personal experience with doing this. So if you're not into that, this thread won't be for you. For those of you who are curious, read on!

Do not try this if you are mildly allergic to bananas, you could have a bad reaction.

So I've been dying to mess my diapers for a while now, but I have housemates that makes privacy unpredictable. After seeing this in a adult art video, I thought about it for a week before trying it myself. I've only done this once so far, but I plan on doing it many more times.

You need: an enema bag(something for a deep-cleansing enema; a fleet won't do, some bananas, some lube, and your diaper. If you plan on sleeping in this, maybe some diaper rash ointment or something.

You'll need an enema bag and some time to do the enema, I'd give yourself an hour or longer. Use something bigger than a fleet enema, you're gonna need to do a deep clean for this, you'll also need some soap to do the enema with. Use about 1 teaspoon of grated bar soap per liter of water if you're unsure. You may be able to do this with only water, idk. I gave myself a 1.75 liter soap enema, massaged my guts really well, emptied the soap enema out and used a salt water-rinsing enema. You're clean once you see mucous and only mucous in the toilet bowl.

Freeze your bananas for about 30 minutes to an hour. They needs to be firmed up but not solid; I started with 2. Relax your butt with some butt play, using fingers or toys and lots of lube. Get a diaper ready and nearby, possibly under you now. Once you're as relaxed as possible, peel a banana, lube it up, and either start inserting it until you can't anymore and then break it off and turn it around and insert it tapered end first or break it in half from the beginning and insert the halves tapered ends first. Do this with as many bananas that is comfortable for you, and try to push them up far with your fingers. It will be a bit messy. Either discard the mush that doesn't cooperate, or try to insert it. Up to you. Once you're all full, put your diaper on! Holding it as long as possible, or expelling it immediately is up to you. Personally, I didn't have a choice when it started coming out, making it feel very realistic. I did have control over other parts of it, but once it hit a certain spot it came out on it's own.

It'll feel like the real deal, and if you've done your enema correctly will produce no real mess and you'll only smell bananas. It's fun, feels really good, and you can probably sleep in the mess without it affecting you!

I just wanted to share for those littles who really want to experience messing, but just aren't into it/can't bring themselves to do it/have a weak stomach and can't deal with the smell.

Enjoy, everyone!
OMG I LOVE this idea!!! :craze: I just read a fanfic with marshmallows being used and I legit wondered if I could do that because I like the sensation of soiling my diaper, but HATE the mess and stink. Also, not a lot of Daddies/Mommies are into scat but would be A-ok with something like this. Definitely going to try this. :yay:
Sorry but this is wrong in so many ways. There is a reason why doctors advice against the use of food as a sextoy. Food carries different kind of bacteria. Our gastric acid kills a lot of those bacteria. So now you want to put those up your bum where they will never be.
Then the next thing: ice is sharp. As it isn't fully frozen there are bits and parts that are frozen and the edges can be sharp. :help:

To defecate is a natural and normal thing. The smell that comes with it as well. You can handle the smell as a parent can handle the smell of the poo of their kids. And a caregiver also can handle the smell of their Little's. So you might be able to get used to it as well.

And sorry but don't come to me with 'Yeah but I've housemates' If you need an hour to use the enema, freeze a banana and are able to put it in your bum and push it out then you can also mess your diaper in a natural way. Open a window, spray some roomspray and clean up.

If you think poo is to nasty then don't mess a diaper. Let it stay a fantasy until you are able to handle it. But don't start doing dangerous and weird things hoping things don't smell bad. Farts smell like farts and not like lavender...

Not sure if there are any mods around but if so then I would advice deleting this topic as a whole. I'm kinda shocked that it has been here for over 3 years to be honest.

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