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So I will wear diapers on occasion when I get a hold of them. Well I got my period a few days ago and didn't have enough supplies for it. I had thought about wearing diapers while on my period but it kind of became a necessity this week. So anyways I have been wearing diapers while on my period it has gone well. It seems to hold the blood. I was curious if others do it and what are your experiences with it. Any tips or whatever.
It's interesting you brought up this topic, because I too have often thought about what it would be like to wear my diapers when I am on my period. I have never worn throughout the span of time in which my period lasts. For me I feel as though that would be uncomfortable. I have worn towards the end of my period when I am much lighter and I have done okay in that respect. But because I am often heavy in my flow, I often find myself changing out my feminine products quite often and I feel as though if I wore my diapers throughout the week that my period lasts, I would be changing to frequently before I got complete use out of my diapers and I would then be wasting them. So for me, I prefer not to wear my diapers while I am on my period, unless it is towards the end when I am lighter or as you said, should I need them because I do not have enough supplies I need. And who says diapers can't be for more than just potty purposes :) Good question though. This is one that I have often been thinking about lately.
Personally I've found that diapees work much BETTER for my period than pads, for specific reasons. I struggle a lot with UTIs, and always get one at least once every period from the chemicals in pads(tried tampons but they always leak). However I have never got a UTI from a diapee, and Ive never had it leak either, which as someone with a heavy flow is a godsend- especially at night. I also have the menstrual issue where, yknow, its kind of hard to tell whats going on in your lower abdomen, is it cramps? Are you hungry? Do you need to pee? Wearing just alleviates the worry about accidents.
i dont wear diapers but i have thought about it before.
i especially have thought about diapers when i have my period but have never tried it. i wanted to know if it was a good idea beffore i try out for myself
I've done with with XL goodnights/pull-ups because they fit me great, but never with actual adult diapers. I can only imagine using those for relaxation because they seem so bulky, but the goodnights actually fit well under clothes. And, in my opinion, the pullups are just as bulky and crinkly as a pad, so they work quite well for menstruation.
tbh i do it alot i use tampons too but when i am n my pullys an i sart i mean i guess it just easier ik its a mess but still i mean id see anything wrong with it i mean its like wearing a oversized pad.it jus makes not have to worry also
Not much tips, but i remember that my ex gf, which is also my ex babygirl, used to wear them for her period too and that's how she started in this fet. Pull ups i recommend since they are easy to put and change. In the time we were together and she got her periods, only and only if we were not going anywhere or knew we where gonna stay in a privet place was when she used the diaper diapers.
I've been using the Always incontinence underwear for overnight protection on my period for years. Only thing that keeps my sheets clean and they come with the added bonus of being able to pee in them while I brush my teeth in the morning.
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