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I personally would like to incorporate diapers into my little time. I haven't had the chance yet because I'm too scared to buy them :/ But the idea of being diapered and having that extra bit of closeness and dependence on my cg makes me really happy inside. I don't have any experience, but it seems like the kind of thing that would help me as a distinct marker between being little and being big; I think I would find it easier to be little. As for cuteness, well, I don't know. Maybe it would make me cuter?
I don’t like diapers, but my former cg would use them as a punishment sometimes when I was whiny. I liked how they felt but at age 5 it was embarrassing for me to be treated like a baby (his
Plan) like everyone said it’s all about what’s agreed to. He liked them so he found a way to incorporate that from time time and I was okay with it.
I think it’s definitely a whole different level. I’ve never worn diapers but the interest is there but if I found a daddy who wanted me as his little, fully. Then I’d have to, no choice lol. Because I guess I see it like a chastity device sorta kinda in my mind. But I’m a weirdo lol. But then again, that’s just how I see it. But everyone is so different, ya know. Thanks for posting such a thought provoking post. So much insight.
i personally dont wear them and i dont think i will but ik many people do it should however be upto both daddy and little if they wear them but i hate wearing them and my boyfriend dooesnt mind it but everyones differnet i have lots of friends who wear them aswell and have friends who dont i guess
This is awesome. It seems there are a fair amount of littles who could be into diapers and being little or who are curious and want to try it. Now, of course, your daddy has to be comfortable too but it can really make the whole relationship much more intimate, special, and cute. I'm sure there must be more. Feel free to post your thoughts. Keep them coming.
all littles dont have to wear diapers since i mean there are diffrent little ages an all daddys dont require them. though i wasnt into dips at first but my daddy got me into them and i wuvv them idk why but i do i absouletly love them. but in a relationship i think they should talk about things like this. u kno limits an stuff. communication is always the key.
I enjoy my diapers and love that my daddy makes me wear them (most of the time) sometimes drives me bananas when I don't wanna slip into little space and he makes me wear them, it basically puts me in little space instantly lol

I for sure feel more little when I am in my diapers but many little don't want or need them. We are all different :)
By lilsmolpotato
I love wearing diapers! If they weren't so dang expensive I'd probably wear close to 24/7. Diapers help me feel little, and getting changed or having my diaper check makes me all blushy in the best way ever. Plus, I think they look super cute.

HOWEVER, diapers are definitely not for everyone and they are certainly not a requirement to be/feel little! Like everyone else has said, it all comes down to personal preference. If your little isn't comfortable wearing dips don't force it.
As a little girl in a ddlg relationship, I can say that certain infantile things have the ability to make the dynamic between a DD and an LG a lot cuter. However, I am not a little that wears diapers. I like onesies and sippy cups and pacis, sure, but something about diapers makes me uncomfortable even though they usually have a reputation of doing the opposite. I enjoy feeling little but I also desire a control and awareness of my body that allows me to carry out adult functions as needed. I like feeling little, but I do not like feeling incapable of doing simple basic needs such as using the restroom. It makes me feel degraded as a person and it knocks me out of little space when I'm not comfy in my own skin. I can appreciate that diapers allow a lot of people to feel safe, secure, happy, and warm. They just don't do the same for me

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