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I would say that I personally think that Littles are cute in diapers, especially in small and girly ones, but like the others I still think that there's actually no preferences for Littles and they are as cute without them. Properly speaking I think that diapers are just a nice addition in being little - I think diapers with Littles are like spoilers in cars: They are a nice add-on but like a car is still a car without spoilers (I know, lame parable but you understand my point), Little is still Little without diapers. The thing of Littles in diapers surely is very cute and I personally love the concept, but let's still remember that there's as many ways of being Little as Littles themselves.
I personally think a little in diapers is absolutely adorable and can really add another level of intimacy to the relationship. However, it is definitely something that needs to be discussed by both parties in detail about how much involvement they will have. I think little who choose not to wear diapers are absolutely adorable to it is just a personal preference.
I don't think littles have to wear diapers to make them cute or to be fully classes as a "little". They can be cute and "little" in their own other ways. But again I see your point in terms of it can help and does make them look very cute at times. They seem innocent and like they need that attention and care with the diaper being there. Just has to be right for them some like it some prefer other things.
We have a problem to begin with. What defines who and what a "Little" is? As I see it, it's more of a sitution between a person who is a Caretaker and another person who wishes to be cared for, i.e., a Little. Could a Little be a baby, and need to wear a diaper? Most certainly. That is how I see myself. On the other hand, could a little be five or six, or eight or ten, which would preclude NOT wearing a diaper, because they are a 'big girl' or 'big boy?'

So, as each relationship is different, so will the answer be. If a Little is less than three years old, diapers may be appropriate for them, if they are older than that, they may not be.
Diapers are a preference and while littles are already very cute there's something about a little in a diaper that's even cuter its not for everyone but always give it a try you never know your little might just like it. Its all about finding the right fit between little and the daddy\mommy
I'm super new to actually Ideintifying as a little but diapers is one of the things that came really naturally to me. But I think it's all dependent on the age you regress to when in little space. If your an 8 year old it just doesn't make sense to wear them?! I regress to a 2 year old so it's just something that goes hand in hand. I've only worn diapers twice though, as much as I like them I really struggle putting one on myself and don't get the same feelings when I've done it off my own back. Xxx
I think it's important to not assume that the liking of diapers exists as a binary decision. As a lot of people here have mentioned, it really does depend on the little age you're playing, so there are different narrative role-play reasons that one could justify incorporating diapers. They illicit a lot of different emotions in people, including the observer/non-wearer.
I have to agree with the OP on this because personally as a little girl Id just feel that much cuter for a daddy if I was diapered for them and everything c: also it's another way to be taken care of and like dependent on your caregiver. Just the whole idea of it seems fun and sweet to me ::3:
That's really nice babybee and very cute. I hope you find a daddy who will take good care of you, diaper you, and change you.

It's nice to see this topic getting more posts and interest. I know there must be more that are into this. Feel free to comment.
I don't feel you need to wear diapers to be a little. Just being yourself as a little is what's important. I think of diapers as more of a personality thing. However...

As a little that identifies in the toddler/preschool range diapers are basically part of my little identity. I don't have to have them but given the choice I would rather be diapered than not. I feel little all the time but when wearing diapers I feel extra little. They make me feel small, and innocent, and cute. I also like the idea of diapers forming a special dependent bond between caregivers and littles who enjoy them. I think another reason I them is because when you think of toddlers in diapers you think less about gender and being a transgender little girl that's important to me.

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