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I have to say again, girls that are littles would be even more little/cute/adorable in diapers. I believe diapers really supplement the whole DDLG thing. Now I know not all littles do the diaper thing, which is okay. Nonetheless, to me it definitely makes them way more cute and innocent. And the interaction between a daddy and his little girl, when the little one is in diapers, I find can make the overall relationship much more intimate and close.

So with that being said. Any littles that are into diapers or are at least curious about trying diapers feel free to comment with your thoughts about this. I wouldn't mind talking about it with others in the community.
As you stated, You don't /have to wear diapers/ It's just your preference. And surely there is no standard for "what defines being a little" You don't have to wear diapers to be a little just as you don't have to do certain things to be a caregiver.
For me as my little side (Switch) Diapers are nice because they make me feel very secure and safe at times and overall are fun. However I get really self conscious in them at times as well especially if they're extremely padded or in the wrong size (Most stores don't carry Small sized adult diapers. :/ (Or at-least limited stock and higher price) So it's rather saddening when I get a diaper and then it's so bulky that it makes me feel bad..(Contrary to how some people prefer it that way. It's a matter of preference, and while I agree that I think it makes girls cuter when they wear diapers, I don't think it's necessary for them to look cute or be in the zone, because it is just a preference
I cannot agree with this. Most littles are just as cute without diapers. Sure, diapers are adorable and upon the agreement of both parties they can be a part of your play, but ABDL and DDLG are completely different things. Besides, a little that regresses to 6 year old should not have to wear diapers as that age group normally does not.
Yes, wearing diapers is a preference. Just like being a little itself is a preference. It's all preference. I forgot to mention I am DL/daddy so naturally I am going to lean on littles in diapers. And, of course, a little does not have to wear diapers to be cute. I was not implying that. There are many things that make a little cute. Cute outfits, bottles, little talk, pigtails, pacis, cuddles, etc etc etc. But for me personally, that is one of the cutest most adorable things, diapers!! There is just something really intimate about it all, to changing the little, making sure they are dry, etc. I believe it can create a closer bond between caretaker/daddy and little. I think It is definitely something worth trying/incorporating in a DDLG relationship. But it is not for everyone. Just like DDLG is not for everyone either.
By Jessitart0795
I'm a new little, I haven't worn a diaper for years but I think that process of a daddy changing his little girl and checking it, is so cute and intimate. I think it creates a real close bond. I would love my Daddy to change me then cuddle me tightly and rub my back while I go to sleep.
Im new but im a little and im curious about wearing diapers as well. I guess I would see myself as a little with ABDL tendencies (or maybe desires) because I haven't yet acted out on those desires. But again I'm new to all this and just now exploring everything.
As a little i do not enjoy diapers, they feel uncomfortable and rough on my skin. It’s really up to people’s preference and i support whatever people think but for me, i don’t really enjoy them. I would do it maybe once or twice for my daddy but other then that i probably wouldn’t do it.
I think that it's all about personal preference and that there is no wrong way to be you. For me, I think diapers are convenient because I don't like close-calls. My little-ness fluctuate, so when I'm particularly small, I need a backup in case I don't make it to the bathroom in time
i just dont feel that being a little has to involve the diaper aspect of it, i myself could be cg also at times, but id remain diapered because thats a totally different issue. I guess my point is that i could be cg to a little and that little would not need to wear they would just have to be ok with a cg that wears. In my mind that would be a longshot because i just dont think any littles would want to be involved in that especially if they did not wear.
Diapers are definitely a preference. This is the preference of both the little and the caregiver as well, not just one or the other. I think that both parties have to be okay with the idea of the little wearing diapers and then make the decision about how much is involved with that in terms of diaper changes, how often the diapers are worn, and if they are worn just at home or publicly as well. For me as a little, I prefer diapers and so I would have to find a caregiver who is okay with all aspects of diapering. Wearing diapers, just as with any other aspect of the caregiver/little dynamic should be agreed upon by both parties.

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