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Hey everyone, I have a quick question for you all.
Have any of you tried to fit into real baby diapers and they actually fit comfortably? If so did you mod the diapers in any way? If you didn't mod them then what's your hight, weight, waist size, and thigh size?
If you don't know how to get that information (last two) use a tape measure.
If you can't tell me any of that info I would still love to read what you all have to say.

Thanks for reading! :bye:
Ah yes, a classic question. Put simply........YES.

However, it actually depends on the style of it, how well you can stand discomfort, and how attentive you are about absorbency level. Admitting, I have actually attempted to try this back in my early days of learning about diaper wearing. At 132 pounds at the time, I was not even a backpack weight over the diaper limit for goodnights. However, I recall even trying pull ups a few times. As expected, they often tore, but they looked super cute.

That was many years ago, and sadly, I cannot actually do that anymore. Back then however, I never knew what "diaper lovers" were, and had no idea actual diapers existed that looked cute and were my proper size. So can it be done? Absolutely. Can it be a reliable diaper? Not even to the absolute slightest.

Also, I have seen where people take two baby diapers and apparently make one to go around them, but that is taking a bit out of hand. If you are maximum 140 pounds, I can say you have the capability to drop down as far as a 5T without modding. However, most pictures you see online if you look it up are mostly fake photoshops of people "Fully fitting" into size 2 pampers etc. To put this simply, males will have a much more difficult time putting them on. But height really has nothing to do with diaper size, and I would not recommend other users telling that information.

So yes. But not comfortably.
Hi there BabyLilac!
Thank you for this information.
I am happy to know that it is indeed possible and as for being reliable, I wasn't as worried about that as much as I was worried about the cuteness factor. Absorbency would have just been a plus but that wasn't exactly as I was going for.
It's safe to say that most BABY diapers wouldn't be useful at all if they are used for its intended purpose for an ADULT, as that is not what they were made for.
Non the less, I really enjoyed reading your reply and if I get diapers then they will surely be cute and made for ADULTS so I wouldn't end up wasting money on a product I can only wear and not use for its intended purpose.
Thanks for reading and replying!
~sincerely your friendly neighborhood and curious baby boy
rleqh99 or Jordan

PS: enjoy the hugs! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
I've done it! I can generally fit into size 6 diapers (not ALL size 6 diapers, but I could fit the Parent's Choice ones from Walmart, as well as either Huggies or Pampers size 6 diapers, and if I could actually find the size 7 diapers, I'd probably fit into those), and I can fit 4T/5T Pullups, though they're a bit tight (but not so tight that I can't use them if that's what I can get my hands on). I was also able to fit into the S/M Goodnites, and the L/XL ones fit me perfectly. Since Goodnites aren't really for babies/toddlers, I'm excluding those from what else I say in this reply. Everything I mentioned that I could fit into I was able to wet, though with the actual baby diapers, I had to let some go, stop when the diaper was kinda flooded internally, then wait to let more go until the flood was soaked up, rinse and repeat XD But to be safe, I'd always be sitting in the tub or on the toilet (excuse me, potty XD) in case of leaks or if I was having trouble stopping the flow.
Hi there BabyLovesMusic!
First off I love music too, how could anyone not!
As for the reply, thank you soooo much for the reply.
I would have liked to know your waist size, gender, and thigh size to see future comparison to other replies, however I am glad you replied all the same and I wish you a good day!
~sincerely your friendly neighborhood baby boy
rleqh99 or Jordan
@rleqh99 I'm female, but the best I can give on sizing (I don't have a tape measure or ruler or anything to measure with) is that I generally wear the Girls XL (14/16) clothes from Walmart, and Victoria's Secret underwear in a Small or Medium (depends on the material and style, but the Mediums usually fit the best!).
Don't worry about not knowing that other info I just wanted to mainly hear everyone else's experiences.
Also because we are different genders that means that exact same product doesn't nessasarily work but that really doesn't matter all that much because this is for comparison and to hear about experience.
Thanks again for the reply!
I think so. I was able to but I'm very small. However I think girls might have a better chance at fitting into them rather then boys. I guess it just depends on the size of you and the size of the diapers. I think tho that adult diapers might be more comfortable but baby diapers might make you feel more infintile.
I would say for most men it will not be possible, maybe for some smaller women. I am 6'3" 185pounds and my waist is 32" and the closest thing to real diapers that's fit me has been pull ups! But they're still stretched pretty tight. You might have luck using tape to help make the sides longer and give them better hold.
Lol i was about to laugh and say no but then i saw all the responses. So i am like u people must be weally tiny to fit n a babies diaper. I can fit into a pully yea pull ups are much easier to get into yes dey tear easy but much more simplier than a babies diaper. How is dat even possible? I am so confused now

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