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Discuss styling or wearing garments like cloth or disposable diapers, pull-ups, training pants, rompers, onesies, shortalls, dresses, plastic jewelry, and more. We can also help with designing little zones in your homes. Let us help you create your new look or redecorate your space!
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ABU (ABU Space, ABU Lavender, ABU Cushies, ABU Simple, ABU BareBum, etc.)

Aww So Cute Teddy Bear Diapers

Bambino Diapers

BetterDry (formerly ComfiCare)

Classy Comfort Diapers (may or may not be operational; however, their domain registry was updated in summer of 2017)

Cuddlz Adult Nursery Nappy/Diaper

Diaper Connoisseur (DC Idyl, DC Amor, Hand in Hand) diapers

Fabine Diapers

FunDiapers (hand-made as a novelty item and not a diaper brand)

QttyDiapers (also known as Rawr Diapers)

We do not recommend this company or brand due to serious mistreatment of the community.

Tykables (formerly Snuggies Waddler)

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