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So, you've finally decided that diapers sound interesting to you. Whether it be because the thought is enticing, or be it because you have secretly always had these feelings and just never acted on them. You could have so many reasons (I have met so many people with different reasons for wearing diapers) but the end result is the same. You're interested in trying diapers for the first time.

Where do you start though? Is it just as easy as putting on a diaper? A lot of people from outside the community think that, but when you really start getting into it, the ABDL lifestyle/adult interest causes a lot of confusion and conflicted emotions. Besides the comonplace: "oh god I feel like such a freak for having these desires" feelings you might also have the "this feels unnatural" or even the "nobody could possibly love me with these desires" feelings. And that's very scary, isn't it? But never fear, I'm here to help guide you through some of these feelings so that you don't bottle things up and live an unfulfilling life.

In this article, I'll go through some of the benefits of wearing diapers, I'll address feelings of self deprecation, and I'll give you some basic information on what to buy when first starting out and how to approach these products to get the best experience out of them.

The benefits to wearing diapers are very simple. Some babs I know will point out how you don't have to get up to use the bathroom or that they make you physically look like a child. These are true. But the greatest benefit in my opinion is stress relief. Stress builds up in our lives and diapers are a physical garment which helps actualize the concept of regression therapy. Wearing diapers can physically help you feel little again--And being little commonly makes littles like us feel less stressed out in general. Of course, if you find diapers sexual, they can also be a very potent tool for relieving sexual tension.

And these benefits come at no cost to your health. None! And that relaxation factor is something that some people will smoke, do drugs, or do a myriad of other things to achieve. You can get it cheaply and safely simply by wearing a special pair of undergarments. There are definitely costs to your credibility should the information ever get out, but if you are careful, do not post pictures of yourself on social media, and do not associate with people that will out you then you will have no problem with this.

Addressing feelings of inadequacy and self deprecation
Triggering regression therapy in this manner is definitely not the norm. Most of the people you meet will not understand these desires, and that even includes people within the CG/L community. The ABDL (Adult baby, diaper lover) community is constantly maligned by people in the media. But let me tell you something very important: this lifestyle can be practiced in such a way as to have zero effect on the general population. You can just get diapered in your house and the mean spirited, capricious, and dumb world outside can stay outside. At that point, why do you even care? As long as you are in your own private place, nobody will be watching you. What does it matter what people think if it makes you happy and helps you relax?

People in this world do a lot of strange and random things to relax. My daddy smokes. That's what he does after a hard day. My wife eats twinkies, because they help her feel happy. Some people hunt, fish, work on cars, go shopping, drink, play video games--The list goes on and on for ways people relax. Just because your relaxation method is practiced by very few people doesn't make it less valid for you and the way you live your life, because that's what works for you and it doesn't hurt anyone. And since everyone has their own thing that works for them, you're definitely not a freak. Anyone that says so can suck eggs and stay outside.

For people that feel that nobody will ever love them because they wear diapers, that's untrue too. My family is a prime example disproving that, but there are people all across this earth and many people these days are more flexible than their fathers used to be. Of course, you probably won't be able to go into any bar and meet someone that will accept you, but if you keep looking and make your presence known on the internet then you're bound to find someone that will accept you that you can be happy with. There's seven billion people on this planet. There's obviously someone, or even many people, that will be right for you.

How to start
You should start by buying some diapers, obviously. If you're too embarrassed to go to the store, try searching for "adult diapers" or even, "ABDL diapers" and you'll find many businesses that will send diapers to you discreetly. You should also consider buying baby powder and baby wipes. Whether or not you actually use your diapers, wipes are useful for cleaning up and feeling fresh after wearing a diaper.

How should you start though? Well you should start by putting the diaper on, or having someone diaper you. This can be a very powerful experience the first time you do it (most people have not been diapered since they were literally babies) so definitely take it slow and try not to stress out over doing something so different. When you find yourself finally wearing the diaper, try just doing things that make you relax and don't overthink things. Try playing a game, coloring, or listening to soothing music so that things don't seem so intense. You'll probably feel silly at first, but don't worry, that passes as you continue on your diapered journey. Feeling silly about it shouldn't make you feel like it's wrong or that you're a freak. These thoughts will likely occur, but try to suppress them as you'll feel more easy going about things after you've been diapered a few times.

If you find yourself wearing diapers and they don't really do anything for you after a few tries, then maybe diapers aren't for you. Obviously you won't immediately associate diapers with stress relief, but they should at least be interesting to you. It should be something you want to do. If you wear diapers at the behest of another and it has no effect, or makes you feel negatively about yourself, then you should probably not continue getting diapered. Diapers obviously aren't a thing for everybody (which is why most people on this planet don't ever consider buying and wearing them).

When you're starting out, don't bother using your diaper for its intended purpose. Save that for after you get more comfortable wearing diapers. The very first diapered day should be about relaxing and exploration of self. Try not to cause any experiences that would cause undue stress, such as going outside diapered or doing taxing labor. Do not abuse illicit substances.

And when you do start using your diapers, prepare your furniture and bedding for leaks (towels work okay and waterproof sheets are inexpensive). Many people find using diapers to be difficult so try different positions. Standing or sitting is usually easiest and least likely to cause leaks. Just pretend you're on the potty, or gently push. If you do leak, carpet cleaner is usually all that's required to get your furniture and rugs looking and smelling fresh again. Feel free to use the shower as a way to feel clean and fresh as well.

Final thoughts
Many people on this planet live their whole lives having thoughts they would like to act on but being unable to act on them because of what they think people will think of them. Due to this, they lead unfulfilling lives and feel jealousy towards people who are really and truly happy with their unique path in life. I'm here to tell you that you CAN wear that diaper. Believe in your dreams and do what you want to do, because life is short and there's no guarantee that you'll get another chance to give it a shot after you're dead.
Thank you! This has been extremely helpful. I'm so glad that there is a whole community out there for Littles and bigs alike! Very good information. I've always had the urge to wear diapers or to see woman wearing diapers and I thought it was weird till I found out there are a lot of people like me and it feels good to know that.
Great idea to share your tips. It tuk awhile fo me toget use to dem but i likey my diapys now actually i wuvvvv my diapys. My daddy got me into dem an now dat i am into i am very into dem well mostly wen i not in public. Anyways i jus weally wanit to say dat i like dat u did a tip post on diapys i sure dis will be very helpful to littles. Even i tuk some stuff out of dis an i aweady gotten use to dem.

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