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Are you a dom/domme/cactus that just met a little with an affinity for ABDL?
Is your little developing an interest in diapers or watersports/scat that you would like to nurture?
Do you secretly want to wear diapers yourself?

If you answered yes to these questions, it might be wise to learn some general things about the ABDL community that could help you in your explorations of the diapered world! This post will give you some basic terminology, important thoughts, scene ideas, and things to buy to have fun with a little wearing diapers.

Basic terminology:
ABDL stands for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover. An adult baby is typically a little that is VERY young. ABs typically fall within an age range between 0.5 months and 5 years old. They typically enjoy both diapers and littlespace activities (Such as coloring, pacifiers, bottles). You should basically treat them as you would any other little. A diaper lover on the other hand falls between the age range of 15 to whatever age that person happens to be. DLs just like the concept of being diapered or watersports/scat. This is usually a sexual thing for them, though it does not have to be. You should treat a DL as an adult or a generic sub.

A commonality about ABDLs is that they wear diapers (most of them anyway, I've met a lot of people). The people that wear diapers are complicated, though! ABDLs fall along a spectrum between AB and DL. Some ABs are more DL than they are AB and vice versa. What I mean is that the urge to wear diapers will often be accompanied either by sexual feelings or by littlespace feelings (or both) (or in extremely odd cases, neither). This should be considered an urge though; it is a compulsion that borders on basic needs that cannot be controlled, just as much as you have a compulsion to dominate.

This will likely not come up for you, but if you meet a furryand they identify as a babyfuror diaperfurthen you should consider them to be on the ABDL spectrum.

Important thoughts:
Many ABDLs feel ashamed because they have these urges. Your first and most important job as a caretaker is accepting your little and making them feel like they aren't a freak. The ABDL compulsion is normal--as normal as smoking or binging on snacks. This is not something that makes someone weird, it is another facet of their personality that makes them complex and beautiful. As a caretaker, it is your responsibility to set your boundaries, however if your partner has an ABDL affinity and you do not, you will likely want to think carefully about your relationship with that person as these urges do not usually just go away.

Many ABDLs will feel like they cannot be themselves if they aren't allowed to wear diapers, so make sure you never create punishments that will take away their diapers or make them feel ashamed for wearing them (except in the unique case of this person having a humiliation adult interest). If you do, it's easy to hurt your little or make them feel miserable about who they are as people.

ABDLs, just like littles in general, are all unique people with different thoughts and beliefs. Just because you meet one little that wears diapers does not mean they will have the same mix of adult interests, thought patterns, or self concepts as another ABDL you meet. It's not easy to find commonalities within the ABDL community beyond the fact that most of them wear diapers.

Scene ideas:
ABs typically enjoy the same concepts as most littles do (Which is why this is a mixed ABDL / CGL site). However, many ABs also enjoy the incorporation of diapers into their scenes. This can be as simple as asking them if they're wet or checking their diaper.

Many ABDLs like it to be teased about wearing or using diapers, so a series of words like this might come in handy.
Fun words to tease your little with: Puffybutt, puddlebutt, pamper prince/princess, super soaker.
Feel free to come up with your own words, of use the same ones your parents used on your younger siblings.

Changing scenes are a very big thing that is shared between a caretaker and an ABDL. This is one of the biggest ways your little's ABDL adult interest and you will interact. Because the concept is that the little cannot do it themselves and need your help. As someone who has been changed by someone, I can tell you that there is no position of greater vulnerability for an ABDL. Some ABDLs enjoy sexual changing scenes where the change leads directly to sexual play, however this is not universal as some ABDLs do not find a scene like that to be sexual at all. Make sure you talk with your little about how they'd like things to proceed, as a changing scene can be a great time for special conversation.

More sexual ABDLs will enjoy the concept of "grinding" their diaper against another person's body part. This is fairly simple and doesn't need much explanation. Know that if you plan to touch your little through their diapers, you will have to use a stronger motion as the padding of diapers makes it difficult to feel this from the other side.

Some ABDLs also enjoy the concept of potty training. The ABDL's interest can either be in practicing potty training or otherwise failing and being teased about it. This adult interest provides another great way for your little's ABDL desires and you to interact. This is a rather specific and niche adult interest within the ABDL community, but does provide interest for many.

Humiliation, as well as public humiliation, is also a rather niche adult interest within the ABDL community. This can take the form of extreme feminization of male ABDLs or can be as simple as teasing. Of course, in public, be mindful of pedestrians. Never involve the non-consenting public.

Things to buy
Obviously you will need diapers, and ABDLs will conversate endlessly about their favorite brands. If your little (or you) is just starting out with the ABDL concept, you will likely want to buy cheap diapers to determine sizing and feelings towards wearing them. After that, there are many many better diapers on the market to enjoy, including ones with babyish prints that your little will enjoy. If you're searching for diapers for your little, try searching for "ABDL diapers" on google.

You will also need basics such as baby powder. Baby powder helps prevent rashes, which are something you should expect if you are not changing your little often enough. Baby wipes are another important thing to have on hand in order to feel clean after wearing a diaper, even if it goes unused. Plastic pants of different fabrics and sizes can help against leaks (UGH!) and smells.

Final thoughts
Diapers are exotic, controversial, and special on adults. They are cute--They are uncommon. You and your little will have to work out what the boundaries are for this important part of both your lives. This post simply covers the most basic concepts for wearing diapers, and, in your exploration of the ABDL community, you will meet people of every shape and size to whom diapers mean a million different things. One popular artist once told me, "I meet a new bab every day," and you will find that the more you meet the more you will realize the diversity in the community. Be ready for all sorts of things--But remember: Stay diapered. 8-)

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