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I am curious about how many littles involve diapers/pullups in the whole DD/LG experience? I personally find a little wearing diapers to be super cute/attractive and sexy too. But I am also a diaper wearer and think girls in diapers in general is adorable. I am not a daddy but I think I would be a good one but diapers would probably have to play a part. I am trying to just get a general feel of the overall littles on here that either involve diapers/pullups OR perhaps would like to try/incorporate them into being a little. It could simply be a fantasy waiting to be uprooted.
I'm a little as well. I use diapers, cloth diapers, regular pull ups, to even bedtime underpants. I've seen and met alot of Littles who like to wear and use diapers. I'm one of them.

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By theminimalist
I'd say it all depends (no pun intended) on whether or not what their little age is. The closer you get to the younger end of the ageplay spectrum, it'll be easier to find a little into diapers, though even then it's still difficult. It depends on the personal feelings of the little themselves. I am an AB, so I love diapers and my ageplay age is 2 so it's necessary for me.
I will say that everything mentioned above is pretty much what you are going to hear repeated, the thing is finding out the age of the little, and then also finding to what degree, as minimalist mentioned not all of us littles like to do everything in our diapers, ranging from wearing but never using, all the way to messing and not wanting to change ourselves unless a caregiver deems it the case.
Personally for me I like the perpetual potty training concept of rewards and punishments. Keeps things from falling into too much of a rhythm and gives the dom chances to relax and not worry about changing diapers if they are particularly stressed, or force desperation / diaper use if they are feeling particularly controlling that day.
For each and every single little this will change though, so in the end you just need to find one where your interests match up. I wish you the best of luck and I'll be here to talk if you want to reach out!
Hiii thats a great question :3 Im a Little and Im lucky to be small enough to wear Pull ups or Goodnites But I wear pull ups or Goodnites during the day and a diaper at night but adult Diapers are super duper expensive so I dont always wear them cause I cant afford them im a poor little girl lol :pacy: :craze: :stuffie: :pen: :pheart: :pinkh: :shuff:

also sorry for all the emojis they are just so cuteeeee lol
Adult baby here, I wear diapers, I have found its a mix of littles who both do and don't wear, I do particularly for medical reasons, ie cerebral palsy, but honestly I still would Even without the medical reasons simply becwause is smol boy

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