Discuss styling or wearing garments like cloth or disposable diapers, pull-ups, training pants, rompers, onesies, shortalls, dresses, plastic jewelry, and more. We can also help with designing little zones in your homes. Let us help you create your new look or redecorate your space!
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Maybe some wall decorations, perhaps those puzzle piece type floor mats for a corner. If you are feeling really motivated you can do one of those arches or bars that you can hang toys from to play with when you are laying on your back.
If you're working on a computer having a fun desktop background helps, and ordering a mouse pad with a favorite character on it, and getting a mouse with a cute design; and maybe keeping a water bottle or snack jar on hand with your favorite character.

My office space is decorated slightly. Nothing to busy to make me distracted, but enough to keep my little self happy with my surroundings. I love Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro, and I have little Totoros figurines and Totoro desktop background. I also have Luna Lovegood wand in my space, and a mini Baby Yoda. Finally I have a blankie on hand for when it gets cold or I need to snuggle with something.

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