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Can anyone help me suss out the details or the subtleties about ABDL that one might need to fully understand the "why?"

Besides that someone likes to feel little, and wearing a diaper feels little. What are the other reasons?

I am thinking of wearing, and I want to fully account for things and feelings I might experience. :gigs:
Well, you have one reason already, that it makes littles feel little. There is a certain feeling of safety, protection, well-being, dependence, and caring that comes from wearing that is unique to each person. Saying how I feel when wearing may not be the same as what you might feel. In addition, the act of diapering is very intimate, as one might expect, and is a concrete proof of the Caregiver's drive to protect and love their little. For the little, that act is one of giving up something that is incredibly crucial to the feelings of adulthood. The last thing ill mention is that some littles wear diapers for medical reasons. There are probably more reasons besides these. I hope that this helps a bit. :paci: :saber: :craze: :saber: :paci:
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