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Hey, this is a bit older post but thought I would chime in here. I think it may be helpful to conceptually separate the CGL and BDSM aspects of your relationship. Being the Caregiver to a little isn't necessarily a dominant position. In many ways being a Caregiver could be seen as submissive - you are the one taking care of your little, making sure they are healthy, helping them change, feeding them and such. It's a very service oriented role. I'm not exactly sure that being a Caregiver can be neatly fitted into a Dominant or submissive role. If you are both submissive on the BDSM side, then some compromise may have to be taken there.

So also what Babs said. A relationship is often about compromise and discussion. If you feel that you aren't getting everything that you need out of the relationship you need to have an open discussion with your partner. Figure out what it is exactly that you need and ask your partner for help in those areas. They likely will be more than happy to do what they can to help you be happy too. Talk about it and see where that leads you.

Good luck!
PreciousBoy wrote: 1 year ago I'm in a relationship where my partner is the little, and I'm the Dom. I know them very well, and i know that they are strictly submissive. But i myself have pretty large submissive side too. What should i do?
That's a tough question. You say they're strictly submissive, and I align with that. I personally, would not be willing to switch. It makes me very uncomfortable to the point where I start crying because it just isn't me.

I would suggest sitting down with this person and telling them that your other side isn't being fulfilled. Perhaps they would be fine with you finding someone to help channel those submissive desires, or you could find a way to channel domination without it making your partner uncomfortable if that is the case. And who knows, they may one day want to come out of their submissive only life!

Good luck!
Hello! I thought I'd add my 2 cents.. I'm a little/middle in a CG/L relationship but my Caregiver is submissive and I'm a Dominant. As a Caregiver he tends to my needs and wants, pampering me, coddling me, but it is in service to me.. As a Dominant little/middle I definitely identify with the Princess title and can be quite demanding. Just an example of how we sorta work with our dynamic :angel:

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