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When you are feeling particularly little or just generally in littlespace or regressed, do you find yourself acting more traditionally feminine? Do you feel you are more inclined to dress more feminine than you usually do? Have you found yourself being "girly" or wanting something marketed toward girls more than you would if you were not regressed?

On the other end of this, are you a little who feels more traditionally masculine or boyish when regressing? Do you tend to dress more like a little boy than little girl or find toys marketed to boys more appealing? Do you just feel more like a boy than at other times?

Does the age-range of your regression change how you feel about your perceived gender? Do you feel there are any underlying reasons for you feeling this way? Is your littlespace more associated with a gender you were not assigned with at birth? Is gender even a factor when you regress or is it something you don't think about and don't feel matters when you, personally, are feeling little?
When I regress I'm usually a bit of both. For some reason when I'm in my 5 year old mindset, I really really really like glitter for some reason. I guess I can be kind of feminine than most little boys. Though I do like trucks and getting dirty. I wear a lot of blue and green too.
In my regression, I am WAY more girly that I am in my adult state... Or even when I was the range I tend to regress to. Maybe it's the childhood I was never granted, maybe it's my other fish coming out (I'm a Pisces). Whatever the underlying phycology, I am definitely learning to embrace it instead of being embarrassed by it. For a long time, I felt like I would be accused of being fake if I was caught with XYZ item or wearing a girly thing (despite the fact I am a girl). These days, it's a mindset of " this is ALSO me" and I have been much happier in general
This is an extremely interesting topic to me as I am a trans boy c:
See, I suppose because I was raised as a girl, a lot of my little space associations tend to be stereotypically female. The things I grew up watching (care bears, cardcaptor sakura, etc) were traditionally feminine. They make me feel nostalgic and so I still participate in watching shows and playing with toys that are feminine when I am in little space. Though I did have a LOT more boyish shows I watched as well.

In little space I don't really think about it. I like multiple things both masculine and feminine. Little me doesn't really seem to notice whether or not he likes girl or boy things because he doesn't really categorize things within that binary.
i'll start off by saying that i'm trans (ftm) but generally consider myself more "femme".

when little, i think i still fall into this category of more feminine, though i hate being called "feminine" nicknames (princess, little girl, you get the idea) but neutral and "masculine" nicknames are fine. i tend to like things that are traditionally considered more feminine, like playing with dolls, but that being said, i also like pretty much anything pastel or "cute".

i hope this answers the question. :angel:
I'm biologically a male. First time I ever got diapers was a set of L/XL male goodnights. From there on out I started getting the girl ones because they're so cute. I love to wear bras/panties in little space, etc. Always looking for pink or purple stuff to order or wear.

DEFINITELY girly when I'm in that mindset, but I just love it!

After a few years of this I do want to get some of the male goodnites again and just lay in bed.
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