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Do you think you'd want everybody to always treat you as your little age all of the time? What if you were always treated as if you were a never-aging child? Like, if somebody only saw how you felt and thought and not your body and how you look. Or do you want to be seen as your biological age to most people and your little age to only close people?

For me, although being little and childish at heart is a large part of who I am. It’s not all I am. If everyone treated me as a five year old.. then I wouldn’t be able to have adult conversations let alone have people take me seriously enough to get a job. I don’t always feel like a 5 year old, so therefore to be treated like I am forever in littlespace wouldn’t work.

even with my close friends who know that I am a little. I don’t want them to constantly treat me that way. I just want them to know that sometimes I get into the headspace.

Hope that made sense.
Best Wishes <3
Initially I was like heck yes, but ideally no. It would pee me off eventually. Just like the idea of being a 24/7 little seems great and it might be an amazing reality for those who live that way but I could not do it. I do still enjoy the privileges or being an adult and I would just about lose it if I went to work and my boss talked to me in the way that we speak for the children.
Being an adult stinks sometimes and being little is an escape but there are times when I just want to be an adult and do big girl things.
I get treated as a little kid all the time due to being autistic, and i know a lot of autistics don't like that but personally i can enjoy that sometimes, especially when someone is explaining something to me nice and slow and calmly, i like that. Buttt when it comes to getting to know people and making connections and such I would rather be treated more maturely and be taken seriously.
We would have solidly said yes to this question up until a few months ago. We can say yes to it now, but only conditionally.

Striving to be seen and recognized as a Little (within reason) is a very noble cause for the community. Spreading positive awareness is always appreciated by the bulk of the members. We consider having a Little personality to be special and unique. However, something that we consider that is truly special about each individual who feels genuine about their little identity is the fact that the expression of their littleness is a conscious choice.

It would persinally be a dream come true if we could wake up and automatically be seen as infants that never aged even when our bodies did. But, do we regret having matured and having had many experiences that have seemingly taken us away from our childhood and innocence? Not one bit!

Because of having matured has allowed us to not only find the love of our life, but to also get to know many interesting people and become a voice for the community that we love. There is more to our story, though!

What changed our answer from a firm yes to a conditional yes was the fact that we have very recently discovered that we have been a pillar of support for our Mommy and that there are grownup responsibilities that allow our Mommy to rely on us in a way that biological children simply cannot be relied upon. We have found that we can leverage our adult responsibilities with our Little identity, so we can mostly take care of them with a very youthful approach!

In conclusion, we are proud of having had experiences that shaped who we currently are and we like how life has pointed us in the direction we are headed. So, no, we would not really want to have been always seen as unaging little ones, but we can certainly appreciate the attention we receive as being genuinely adorably big infants!
Mmmm I think for the most part yes because that means I wouldn't have to worry about all those gross adult worries I have. I often regret that I was one of those children that wanted nothing more than to grow up. I wish I had realized back then that you have most your life to be an adult and that its not as cool as it seems. You only have such a little time to be little

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