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Would it be easier to make friends and be accepted if you weren't a little? Do you think that sometimes it's hard to understand other people or other people to understand you because you're an age regressor?

In highschool, I naturally made friends with people in younger year levels, as well as people in higher year levels.
I think because of our childish hearts, it’s makes it easier for littles to make friends with younger people and children.

But for me, I am not openly little to all my friends and I can still hang out with people my age, and people older than me. Sometimes I accidentally go into littlespace and it’s kind of a weird feeling but when I’m surrounded by other people my age and we are talking about or engaging in more adult activities, then I just automatically switch back sometimes.
I actually have always had a hard time making friends and getting along with people my age.I have always been judged or bullied by people my age and the ones younger and older than me tend to accept me more. I tend to make friends who are either 3 or more years older or younger than me. I do have a couple friends that are my age but there isn't that many.
I have to agree with everyone else's sentiments. I have had an easier time making friends here than anywhere. I always feel awkward around others my biological age. Even when I went on school trips and such, I tended to stick near the adults. :paci: :splode:
Oh, definitely. To start with, most people my age won't indulge in the same interests. I would be hard-pressed to meet someone my age with a passion for stuffed animals or magical girl anime, etc. But I'm not particularly worried about it. I will simply hang out with friends in a more typical manner, and patiently await the day I encounter a Little with similar interests. It's okay to form a number of friendships with different passions being the basis for said friend groups.
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