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i find that i am alwas in little space to some degree but sometimes it is more deeper than others, i feel like its part of my personality, i naturally very silly and child like in my personality as well. i may not seem like it sometimes but i'm pretty shy around new people but i if i like people or i feel comfortable around them i let it out fully otherwise itry my hardest to tone it down as much as i can which is harder than it might seem.
hmmm.... like alot of the time. I tend to be mostly five to eight throughout my days depending on how i feel or if something triggers it, which are alot of things. i dont really regress beyond that age range until im completely stressed out, especially if i just came out of being depressed, or im just feeling tired from always being big ya know? so far at least.
I feel like I am in my little space 40% of the time. If I am at home, I have a lot of habits that are rooted in little behaviors (calling my big by “Daddy”, asking for food or drinks, asking permission to do certain things). I try to save space to allow my big feel comfortable letting go for a moment and not always having to make all the decisions.
NewQuestions wrote: 2 years ago Do you always feel a little regressed or is it only some of time? Do you think it's your personality or just a coping mechanism you turn on and off, intentionally or not, at various times?
I am always - at least a part of me is - in little space. I am a very mixed-space type of little ranging from child to teen space, so a part of me is always in there, swimming around! :)
My age regression is often congruent to my stress level. When I am more stressed, I am more prone to age regression. This also happens in high anxiety situations. I suppose it is just my way to cope and try to release the emotions I am feeling in those times.

For instance, today I was very busy and had to be out around people all day. When I got home, I fully regressed without trying, and I ended up crying in Daddy's arms until he was able to help me calm down and tell him what was wrong.

So really, it depends for me! :pinkh:

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