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I fall into little space a few times every month. Before I found the world of age regression, I was just a very immature person who could not handle doing "adult" things. Now, I can turn my little mindset on and off, I live most of my life as an adult, then every so often I regress to a toddler-like state and use that time as stress relief. If I don't give myself time to regress I will become much less mature, and may regress without trying.
For me I kinda have to keep myself out of that headset at all times because I live with my mother and I don't have anyone around me who is accepting of me being a regressor. If I could I would be regressed at all ties because it is easier for me to get through day to day things like eating in a child mindset. But I can't so it bottles up and I'll randomly fall into little space and not be able to force myself out making everyone uncomfortable. :tears:
By Deleted User 51173
I feel like my little/middlespace is always there, always in the back of my mind. It's most strong when I am able to go into my room, close & lock the door, and just relax and especially when I am with my Daddy or interacting with him via text.

I am a care provider in a demanding area of healthcare and a caregiver to my special needs son. So, I -have- to have this outlet to stay sane. I like other people making the calls (to an extent) and feeling safe/protected when I am able.

And, honestly, my mannerisms can be seen as always wavering in and out of middlespace. Loud music, rebellious appearance/behaviour, colouring books, video games, books/comics/graphic novels, board games, piercings/tattoos, dabbling with drugs (leaf is legal in Canada) and alcohol (Kraken rum or crown royal whiskey!). I like testing limits and don't always feel like I fit in because it isn't that I am immature, but I always feel separated by other adults somehow. Sometimes I feel I am living the teenage experience I never had when I was younger. But I am absolutely enjoying myself now, too. I feel more relaxed! :devil: :heart: :gigs:
By Deleted User 51423
I always have one foot in little space, but the daily grind makes me have to be big - frustrating. But all it takes is a text, look, phrase, hug, homework or booty smack from my daddy and I'm giggling and bouncing! I also carry stuffies with me all the time to make me feel better when I have to be big and miss my daddy.
By Deleted User 51327
I have incontinence, and I wear a diaper often to work. Considering that I've had an accident at work today and used wipes, baby powder, and put on a fresh diaper, I feel like I'm in little space often considering my circumstances. Sometimes I feel like my bladder hates me, but my husband (Daddy) always makes me feel better. I color at work often when I have downtime, and my other coworker helps point our new coloring pages I should print out to color. It's pretty nice.
Not as often as I would like. I haven't had any real little time in probably 4 years. It's annoying and difficult and I don't really have a good way to regress when I'm alone. My CG and his husband live hours away and their roommates and I do not get along. My ex had little to no interaction with me in that regard so we finally parted ways.
I'm not always in little space, but I do have certain triggers that can cause it to happen. Usually, these are videos, shows, and movies, but can be something as small as seeing a super cute dress, or buying a new toy, or holding a stuffed animal. The way I see it, it's very similar to how some things trigger a headmate switch when I wasn't expecting it.

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