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Do you always feel a little regressed or is it only some of time? Do you think it's your personality or just a coping mechanism you turn on and off, intentionally or not, at various times?
I agree, I sometimes feel more or less little, but it's always sort of there. Even as an adult my interests are video games, super heroes, and anything sci fi or fantasy, so I'm honestly not even sure where my little side ends and where my Adult side begins, it's really just a big grey area haha. But yeah, that's me anyway. :p
I’m in little space 24/7 always and live with my Daddy. I don’t stand out as being different in public, most people that we know just think that I’m a good obedient girl friend they don’t know about anything else and that’s how Daddy wants it. What we do is our special relationship and if you tell people about it it isn’t special anymore. My Daddy and me aren’t around a lot of people though. So outside I just seem like a good girl and I am a good girl. My voice is naturally very soft so I don’t have to be a different person ever. I love being the age I’m happy with and my Daddy loves me no matter what. :pres: :pheart:
I tend to have a very clear line between what is littlespace and what is my adult headspace, but the amount of time I spend in littlespace varies. The more stressed out I am, the more I feel little, but having free time also allows for littlespace time as well. As of late I haven't been feeling little very much, but I think that's starting to change with some upcoming work pressures and deadlines.
I've only age regressed 5 times in the last 8 months. It's very hard for me to regress by myself. One time, I woke up in the middle of the night completely regressed and it was amazing. But, I was also very stressed when it happened, and since haven't had it happen again.

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