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this could be a subject of debate due to opinions and all that, i guess id be called a switch, more on the cg side but i wear and dont at all mind being a little with another little as long as the dominant role is still understood to a certain extent, what i would like to know is if there is any particular group of littles that identifies the same way, i am a cg and i am a little but as a little i guess i tend to be on the older side of the little space age because i like responsibility and i like control, so think about that, add your input,

I'm not a little but felt like I had some input here. I apologize if it's truly inappropriate of me to be answering you in this section.

Older Brothers/Big Brothers and Older Sisters/Big Sisters exist as valid identities, but I feel like they are more of a rarer identity right now. Generally, the Older/Big Sibling role does involve a level of being regressed (or in littlespace as people say now) but still being capable of taking care of another person who is regressed too at the time. So, they may perform diaper changes or set rules/structure but are also possibly interactive in playing the same games and performing the same activities as their little sibling. They may or may not be as young feeling as their little sibling but are certainly more comfortable with the idea of being the person "in charge".

Maybe that's more your identity though. A little that is "in charge" but not necessarily in a bratty way but more in a loving, caring way.

Lately, the only time I see the brother/sister roles presented has been in a non-serious manner from littles who are wanting extended-but-not-intimate family-style dynamics or want a third-wheel to get sexual gratification from sometimes. Most of the time though I see it's like having a non-sexual poly-style family dynamic that is usually not very seriously devoted to one another or a sexual poly-style family dynamic but only for specific scenes.
I believe this detracts from those Big/Older roles from actually being valid though because they can truly be entire relationships in themselves, can be romantic, and can be sexual if the big/little persons desire that and don't have to be fun extensions to play with when one is bored or aroused. Relationships that involve a Big/Older sibling don't need to have a Mommy or Daddy to be the caregiver or the person-of-authority in a relationship to still have a healthy CG/L relationship. A little can provide care while still being and feeling little.

As you can gather from what I've said up to this point, I strongly feel that CG/L isn't just Mommy/little or Daddy/little but can be a multitude of identities, sometimes vague enough to just be Caregiver/little. Caregivers can be Mommies, Daddies, Aunties, Uncles, Big Brothers, Older Sisters, and onward just as a little role can be adult babies, gender-neutral littles, littles, middles, teens, and so on. These are all valid identities and none of them are strictly dominant and strictly submissive in nature.

Also, just as an additional subnote, I'm a Mommy but don't identify as dominant at all. I strongly feel that the dominant/submissive aspects are subjective to the relationship at hand and are not necessarily the standard BDSM-definition of CG/L relationships. I think I explained my stance on feeling submissive but still as a caregiver personality and identity here ... 907#p35907

That being said, I've interacted with a couple of dominant-feeling littles previously. Majority of those littles identify as brats who don't submit to punishment and who want a twist of a parent/child relationship where the parent is taking care of them while feeling submissive. I've met a couple of caregiver-identifiers (usually Daddies) who are seeking a dominant little (usually a brat) because they like the blackmail or findomme/findom adult interests that can come along with it even. It's the idea of being wrapped around someone's finger, perhaps made to take care of someone, or being so incredibly submissive that even a younger mind easily overrules you. I can somewhat relate to this desire for "taking care of" another person in full while feeling in servitude but it's less sexually-driven in motive for me than I've encountered with most.
I am new to a lot of this, but I am a little and a dom. In the bedroom I am dominant, but from a lifestyle dynamic I'm a little. I love being coddled, I have my little space, and everything that comes with this. When it's time for sexuality it's like a light switch, I become extremely dominant. I haven't found someone that's comfortable with both, but my ex was a sub completely, and the woman I am talking to now is more vanilla, but happens to really like my little side. So, if you are looking to explore both in a single person I am unsure. I can say that I exhibit both traits, so you're not alone. Hope that helps!
Hihi! Nia here ^-^ I also believe that sounds much like a Big Brother/Sister roll. I myself am a Switch, 100%, though my submissive side is Little and that’s the natural role I gravitate to, and my dominant side is, well...On the caregiver side, but not quite. Though as a Switch, both sides come out depending who I am with. My girl/best friend is 100% submissive so around her, she leans on me as her protector and I look out for her fiercely and take on the dominant role in and out of the bedroom ...And then for my Daddy, my love, my person, he absorbs all of my responsibility and I gladly hand him all control. Even in the bedroom, I need and want him to dominate me wholly and pet me and coo over me, and awe over my silly gifts or accomplishments, and claim me as his little ice kitten :stuffie: Both sides are completelyyyyyy and totally natural. I could go on all day hehe, I have tendency to ramble, sorries. Anywho ^-^ All sides of being a Switch, and all the different roles can def be confusing when you’re just getting into it, but allllllllll the things are totes possible. It doesn’t have to be any one way, and figuring it out with definition—-if that’s what you’re looking for, I know that titles bring a sense of peace and surety—-will come.
I am willing to switch. I have a dominant relationship as well as being a Little in a different relationship. I think it's unique but possible! The lifestyle is what you make it and whatever works for you and your partner(s). However I am usually Little in one interaction and Dominant in a very different interaction. I have been a babysitter for a ABDL also.
By LittlestDragon
I think MommaStrange covered it really well. We have all these labels to try and categorize ourselves but rarely will we neatly fit into those roles. Being a dominant little like an older sister / brother, or a little who is dominant over a Daddy or Mommy can just be what fits you best and that's ok. And there will be someone who fits with what you are looking for. Personally I'm pretty much purely submissive little and would be ok with any kind of dominant caregiver - whether she is a big sister or a Mommy or a babysitter or whatever other role she may identify as. Being a switch or dominant little is totally fine, just be you and be happy with that :)
I am someone who is entirely non-sexual in little space, so being a little and sex-related kink are two entirely different things for me. However, I am actually a dom most of the time, and very rarely do I enjoy being a sub. I am also a little, but seeing as how those two things are separate for me, I suppose it makes sense.
Absolutely you can be a dominant little. There are submissive caregivers and there are dominant Little’s. Remember the dominant role is about control and power and a very bratty Little is taking control and power and making their caregiver do as they please. A submissive Little is looking for guidance, encouragement and support. Traditionalists will argue that this breaks the traditional dynamic however not all people on the BDSM community are traditionalists and let’s face it CG/L is relatively new in the grand scheme of things so how traditional can it really be!

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