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I didn't figure out i was little till this last year but I have always been a bit on this childish side. I has to hide my stuffies from my son and nephew or they try to take of with them that is why I don't have my sippy and more my 2 yr old nephew has it but i don't think my mom knows how deep i am a little but she does know i am a little. She has gave me some stuffies.
Personally, I made it very hard for anyone in my day to day life to find my little Instagram, below are the precautions I took to stay safe & quiet.

1. I logged onto my little account, searched my main Instagram account with all my irl friends/fam, went into my followers & following & blocked every single one of the people I know personally who would recognize my profile pic.
2. I also took the extra precaution to search my mother's account, block all of her friends & extended family.
3. Lastly, I searched for my Caregiver/Boyfriend's personal Instagram account & block all of his/our friends.

I hope this helped in some kind of way, It is a tedious job but I like to play it safe.
I have had a couple of people come to me before I realized people could find me & confronted me about the account, thankfully no one drastically close to me.
If you would like a friend I am available, my Instagram name should be on my account but in case you cant view it you can look me up under Princess.Baby.Cub
I do something similar to this. I use apps that none of my other family members use (LINE, WhatsApp, etc.). It's easier to control who sees stuff when they don't actually exist on the chat platform.
I guess maybe I am. Sometimes I just can´t hide it because it´s kind of a part of my C-PTSD. :sry: My mind goes to "little space" to feel comfort and safety. And I can´t always control it :craze: So I might slip into my little self when I am around people, but I try not to show it. I haven´t really spoken about it to anyone yet. But the people around me usually seem to understand somehow and be supportive. Although not when my little self goes bananas because I see a huge Teddy bear in a store and want to buy it :stuffie: Then people just roll their eyes at me. It´s kind of sad, cause they just think I´m being weird, but Teddy bears REALLY gives me joy! Especially huge, fluffy ones. ::3:
Yeah, it's only a fantasy to do it in public, but even at home I keep it real quiet. I've never fully regressed unless I was going to be alone for at least a few hours. Though, in my personal life, I admit it does affect me a whole lot. For years I've been steadily letting go when it comes to withholding outbursts. I act "cute" and bubbly, and wear many pastels and call it a sort of "soft" aesthetic. But it's really hard, at times, to be able to judge what will go too far, especially when I really want my paci :stuffie: , but I love looking even a tiny bit little in public so much that it's worth it.

I hope I can tell my girlfriend someday... :sleep:
By Deleted User 55064
I don't have to hide much anymore. When I was a teenager my dad was upset at my "childish" ways, but my mom just accepted it as part of my personality. I have always has a lot of stuffed animals and dolls. The adult coloring book trend has done wonders for me not feeling conspicuous about coloring. I found that I like cute water bottles (especially the ones with built in straws) just as much as sippy cups, so I use them instead. I have always liked kids movies and shows. I found ou a lot of "normal" adults do too.

The main difficulty for me is pacis. I only have one and I only managed to get it because I am into photography and was doing a project with a bunny babydoll where the one I seen was perfect visually and theme-wise for my project. I don't use a paci much, but I would like more of them. I have considered making a photography project up just to justify another paci to whoever I was shopping with, but I am afraid it might not work again and might shed suspicion on the paci I currently have.

My current living situation means it is almost impossible for me to hide online purchases and I don't have my own vehicle so there are people with me when I shop. I am glad I am not into diapers because I think that would be entirely impossible for me to get (or wear) without being caught.
I don't live with my family but my involvement in this lifestyle is a secret from my family. My Daddy is also a secret right now, just as I'm a secret from his family and work. The age gap between us alone is enough to raise eyebrows for some people. There are many who don't understand Little space and don't want to. The women of my family suffered a history of abuse, so they would refuse to understand how my relationship works and what im into.. Instead they would judge my ability to make choices for myself and disown me for endangering myself and not seek their help away from my relationship. :sadno:

I love my Daddy and he's treated me better than any vanilla partner I've ever had. I don't want things to become complicated around us.
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By Krissy
I understand to a point. I'm a little, and I love it being a pretty big part of my life. It's completely non-sexual but no one really understands that. I am engaged and he loves being around little me but does not like being my caregiver. I had a best guy friend who would kinda babysit me as well, but he didn't truly get it either. It's hard to not have my little space because that mindset and time is my stress reliever. I don't know what to do. My age range is usually 5-9 so there's not much physical stuff I need, and nothing really intimate has to happen, so my fiance and I wouldn't mind someone else being my cg. But me and my fiance would have to set rules and boundaries all together and completely trust the person to follow them. I'm just so confused. I feel like a freak for wanting my little time so badly.
By Deleted User 56682
I can only think about little me in my head right now. I'm not independent yet so I can't really do anything remotely weird without my family thinking I'm a victim of witchcraft :tears: lol!
So for now I have to hide it, but as soon as I get my own place I'll go a 'little' crazy building my little nest. I can't wait :craze:
I know what you mean sometimes it is really hard. But doing small things like adult colouring in or drinking from a straw or something that makes you feel like it but your not opening yourself up for people to know or anything.. if thats the situation your in..

I am childish by nature so sometimes i can be like in an in between state and no one will bat an eye at me..
i wish you luck and hope one day you can have the stuffies and everything that you want :3
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