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I have a few not speciality pacis but real ones cause I can fit them in my mouth, but I have to hide them in my room along with sippy cups cause I still live at home with my mom so I totally get what you mean.
How do you keep your adult toys away from little snooping hands? I was thinking about getting a box with a lock on it, but then I don't know what to say is in there when my daughter asks.
I don't really hide it but I don't advertise it either. I'm 25 and I've always acted younger in some ways. I only really hide my dummy and my bottles.
I have to hide my little self too. Since I depend on my parents for everything, I can’t even buy gear. I just want a pacifier, nothing else. But my mom says this kind of stuff is not okay.
I have to hide my little side. I live with my roommate and she's awesome, but if I order any little stuffs she will want to know what I'm getting. I don't want to lie, but I don't want to be rude either. I have a backpack I can hide stuffs in.
Thank you. As I said she's awesome and I don't know how to order stuff without her asking "What's in the package." I don't like to lie and that is why I haven't ordered anything even though I would love a pacifier :(
It can be hard to hide those kind of things. I'm bisexual and that alone would probably warrant my parents to never talk to me ever again, let alone loving to wear pink stuff and diapers.

Order multiple items at a time from amazon, 99% of the time they ship in a single box if you have prime. If given the option get the items gift wrapped. Not only does gift wrap make it a million times more fun to open, but it hides the product inside. Sadly this leaves you with the only option to get items that are available for prime but discretion is key so beggars can be choosers.

This experience comes from 3-4 years of living with my parents and regularly ordering panties, bras, diapers, etc.
I'm 20 years old.
I had hid my little self from my family for a couple years now till my Mom found a instagram account that I made specifically for me to express my little self. She does not get it and never will I don't think. She was creeped out and embarrassed. :(
So I told her that I grew out of it and all but to be honest, I haven't. Had to throw away my paci so she wouldn't think i'm still a little.
Anyway, I rather hide it from everyone in my family and friends because I don't think a lot of them will get it sadly.
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