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Well I'm new too my place as a little and haven't bought andy little things yet but i would mos lukely hide my little stuff under my bed in a box with a key but i don't think i would wear any of it till i moved out ::p: because like you my family would worry and or question me about what im doing and why dont think my mom would be able to accept it
I am also a closeted little. I live with my very religious dad and he would definitely not understand. I buy my stuff online (ship to my moms because she wont question it) or i go to the store by myself or with my daddy and buy stuff. I hide most of my little stuff (pacis, sippy cups, bottles) behind my bed or under my pillow. Though my dad doesnt really go through my room anymore now that I am an adult. I dont really hide my coloring books because my dad knows i like coloring and doing kid stuff sometimes. hope this helps.
By kittenboyblue
I don't own anything but stuffies and coloring books because I have to hide my little self. I have always kept my stuffies and no one has ever thought anything about it, I have them packed away in boxes right now. And coloring for adults is normal. If anyone ever wonders why I also color in children's coloring books with crayons, I tell them the truth, that the adult coloring book designs are often too narrow for me to color. And all of my friends still watch cartoons. Granted, they watch old Bugs Bunny cartoons from their childhood, and I watch Thomas the Tank engine, but it isn't seen as really weird, just eccentric. I don't think I'll ever be able to have a bottle, pacifier, diapers or anything more obvious like that, so I just have to pretend. I've always thought that a good place to hide things like that might be at the top of a closet in a plain brown box marked as something no one would ever want to get into, like picture frames, twin size sheets, or old clothes. If you tell someone what is in a box, they won't look for themselves. To be extra safe, put some of whatever the box is marked as on top of your little things so if anyone ever does get the box down and open it, there is exactly what it says it is.
I'm a little boy and I definitely have to hide my little self from my family. Theyre the kinda people that would kick me out if they knew about my desire to be little. Because of this, I have never been able to buy little stuff. I really really want diapees and other little stuff but I have no way to buy them and id have to hide them anyways. Im in college now, but I still have to hide since I have a roommate. I vewy sad. Wanna be little but no one would understand. It honestly sucks and my only hope is to get my own home.
I’m 20 and I live at home and my family doesn’t know that I’m a little. I know that if they found out they’d be confused and shocked and I would be extremely embarrassed. I have a storage space under my bed where I keep all of my little things, and my family doesn’t open my mail but I still only order things that are in discreet packaging so they don’t suspect anything. I wanted to wear little clothes but I knew I couldn’t, so I bought some jean overalls. They make me feel little and everyone just thinks that they’re regular old clothes!
I'm 19 and in university. I've got a roommate when I'm at school that I have to hide from, and when I'm home for some weekends and breaks and stuff I have to hide from my family.
I don't have many little things yet, mostly because I'm scared to buy things that I will have to hide. My family is kind of against privacy, and my roommate is just always around and very observant. I don't know where I would hide stuff either at school or at home.
I also don't have the option of online shopping because my parents won't let me get a credit card yet. So anything I buy for myself I'll have to get when out shopping by myself, which happens very rarely.
One of my favourite "little things" is my stuffed penguin, which everyone around me just accepts as part of my penguin obsession. So I can have that on my bed and take it back and forth from home and school and even watch movies with it without being questioned.
I usually only let myself be little when I am alone for a while. Like if my roommate goes home for a weekend and I don't. Or sometimes when I'm going to bed I let myself feel little for a little bit. Nobody knows whether or not I'm sucking my thumb if I'm in bed with the lights off.
I used to hide, but now I don't. I've always sucked my thumb and had stuffed animals, so 'coming out' was a bit easy for me. Maybe try transitioning into full at home littlespace slowly, so they can adjust to it? It'll be a long process, but if it helps them, it'll help you in the long run as well.
By Deleted User 34052
My friends and family have always known that I’m a big kid but I don’t think they realize the extent of it. They just think I’m eccentric but loveable. My friends have met my daddy but they think he’s just my boyfriend. It’s okay, I don’t think it’s important for people to know what I do behind closed doors. I don’t live little 24/7 anyways and my regression age is closer to a teen. I just seem like an immature adult - jk I am actually pretty responsible but I keep a sweet and sunny disposition.
By kidkitty5
if you wanna hide pacies you can decarate the inside of a shoe box and put them in there you can hide you drawings if you put them in a folder and tape the folder under a dest or table for clothing you can put it in an old suit case on top of your closet or cut a whole in a 5 ft stuffie and take out some of the insides and put a bag with you little accessaries in it
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