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Yes. I've only recently discovered that what I've been feeling/experiencing is ddlg. I never knew there was a "name" for it. It's ok to have stuffies...only I don't call them stuffies. I have a pacifier and a few sippy cups, but they're hidden in various places.
I have to hide the Little feelings that I keep getting everyday and keep myself locked in my room to avoid anyone finding out. I am not sure of anything for now since I have repressed my feelings for more than 15yrs and I still do. I sometimes just feel like sucking my thumb or a binkie (even if i do not have one but I do crave for one) and lie down with a blanket and a teeny tiny pillow I have since I have been 2yrs old. Hiding the real me has been one of the hardest thing I haave ever had to do.
I have to hide my little self from my family to, they don’t understand like I tried to tell them but they don’t understand it. But I have a case like a trunk at the end of my bed with a lock so I put everything there under blankets.. there are a lot of online places and if you buy something online and it comes in you could always say it’s for a cousin or something like that or a friend. :>.<:
By PrincessCakes
Hi love bug :hugs: ,

I live with my mom and I bought a electronic lock box that I keep in my closet. If you cant afford that you can buy one of those cute safes from Icing or Claires. And if you can't get that put the stuff in a shoe box under your bed. I know some littles keep their stuff at their DD's house but if you don't have one that won't work. I bought some of my pacis from target like the one in my picture and its adorable. If you order from a DDLG website or amazon their labels are normally very discreet. I hope this helps :yay:
Totally agree with a lot of what s already been said. Low-key stuff like character onesies and bodysuits with the snaps are in. If you want things like pacis and diapers look for places that deliver incognito and do it round the holidays under the guise of presents. A lightup binky from the roller rink instead of a real one. Making do, you know?
Hide the stuff under some other things so they won't look further. I used to "hide" a fake journal and use that as a decoy for the real one. So maybe a xxx toy to hide the innocent ones?
Idk. I don't know your exact situation.
I have to hide it everywhere except for online! It’s really hard because I tend to fall into littlespace a lot. I’m trying to deal with it, but I really don’t know what to do about it. I have stuffies with me, but I can’t have pacis or other little things in case someone finds them.
By diaperdude2200
I live by myself now, so it isn't too much of an issue. But there's always the fear in the back of my mind that someone will uncover my stash of diapers and onesies. It's also a little nervewracking living in a building that collects our packages for us, I always hope that my diapers are shipped and packaged well!
I use to have to hide my little self but then my family went through my stuff while i was out of town and found all of my sippys and pacis. When I came home they sat me down and told me that they knew and that they wanted me to feel safe so they would rather I feel safe at home and not get hurt by having to hide it anymore.
Oh yes, the only place I show it is here. I would be so embarrassed to see ANY of my family or friends finding out that I was a little. So I've always hid my true inner feelings about being a little. One day, I'll surely have confidence.
I understand how you feel. I come from a very conservative family and I am a Christian. Living in the bible belt and being different in this way is super hard for me. I haven't even bought any little gear because I'm worried someone will find it. I did buy a binkie once but got rid of it after my sister saw it. I do have stuffies and a coloring book, things that nobody would catch onto if they saw them. I'm waiting until I live alone to buy more things.
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