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I want one so bad, but I'm broke and currently in a toxic household so I'm avoiding spending money until I'm a better situation. I want to get a plain one and decorate it myself. I want to make it themed after a character I like. If I ever get one and am still active on this site when I do I'll be sure to post pictures of it.
When I was a teenager I would sneak and use a baby doll’s paci when no one was around. I haven’t since then. I do have a sippy cup. Maybe I need to try it again? Probably not adult sized though. I have an impressive gag reflex it might trigger.
By Deleted User 71056
yes, i only recently started using one. i have a lot of stimming behaviors that it helps me minimize and is a helpful self soothing method for me.
I do underatand your consern.
I am a middle / little - 5-8 years old

And ido also want to use paci but also think that I am older for it.

I try to menifest my way of seeing pecifier differently.

for me , I LOVE to chew,
I put anything I can chew into my month,
Pens, edge of plastic spoons… etc

so for me, peci could help me with chewing.
I will not use is becuase I NEED it as a baby.
It is more because of the popuse and use of it insteas of the little espect of it.
By Deleted User 70612
@catsuki If you like to Chewy they have Chewy Necklace for Sensory on amazon. People would not even know. A lot of people use them for autism, ahhd, spd, and oral motor therapy. So if you had one around your neck and was chewing on it people would not even think twice. they also come in fun shapes as well.
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