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For me, i kinda base it off of how i act in little space, and compare it to my little siblings at various ages... im six years older than the one closest to me in age, and thirteen uears apart from the youngest... so for me it wasnt hard. Ive honestly never thought of other little having trouble with that..
My best answer is look at the stuff your attracted too. If your not into diapers, baby toys, toddler toys, or anything within the infant to toddler range, then your not in that category. Of you like thing that older kids like, then your may still be a little or a middle. Just look at the way you act and the things you mess with in little space. That's a pretty definitive answer.

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Like what most people said, it mostly depends on your interests. For example, I think I consider myself to be 3 years old, just because it's in the middle between being a little girl and a baby girl. I appreciate dressing up in baby dresses and rompers, while also sucking on a pacifier, but I also like preschool aged tv shows. If you take it too seriously, then it wouldn't make much sense to be watching My Little Pony while being fed from a bottle, because at that age, you would be watching baby tv instead. So, I mostly just base it on my interests, and then gauge what my age is from there. Right now, it's 3, but in retrospect, it may be younger like 2.
BB_Malla wrote:Little friends! How do you know what your little age is? I've been asked by a couple people including my Daddy but I'm not really sure how I would figure out my little age? Is it based on behavior, interests..? I've just never really known how to figure it out!

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I associate with 2-5 years old (depending on my mood). Some times Daddy bathes me, brushes my hair, dresses me, and puts me to bed with my sippy and stuffie. Sometimes I color and draw pictures for daddy. "Big me" has a job and responsibilities, so depending on how little I wanna be is how little I am. If I'm a good girl and work today, I get a new coloring book and paci today (I'm excited). I dont go as little as infant. I dont do diapers and bottles, yet lol. The more daddy does for me the more he enjoys it (it relaxes him). Sometimes, when I'm too tired to bath, he cleans me with baby wipes while I lay on the bed. It just all depends on you and how little you wanna feel [emoji4] Just have fun with it!
with me and my daddy we worked it out by things i like to do and the way i act and react to things. for instance he says it's like the terrible twos with me like having a toddler in a supermarket who has a complete melt down if you don't let them have what they want. that happens with me without me even thinking about it. i'm also very shy and am clingy when meeting new people but then loving being the centre of attention. so in my opinion your little age is based on how you act and react naturally to different situations. don't get me wrong not all littles have to have a little age n it's ok not to have one! jus thought i'd help seeing as you said you wanted to know how to work it out. others may also have other ways of working it out. hope that's helped :pacy: :splode:
Hey there!
I figured out how old i play as based on my interests and behavioral patterns. For example I like to suck on a binky and chew on my Daddy playfully. I also like a sippycup and sometimes a bottle. I like to colour and read young childrens books out loud. :stuffie: I like to stay with my stuffie all day when i am in little space. Based on all of this i understood i was about 4 or 5.
I hope this helps!!
xoxo Vivi
A good way to tell is to just go through the things that you enjoy. Do you enjoy wearing diapers? A paci? If not then maybe you're a middle. If you don't enjoy diapers then maybe you're a little but older. You can also look into what age you feel most comfortable about regressing into by just hanging around kids. For me, I realized my age when I was with my Mommy and she happened to be babysitting a five year old and a six year old. I was able to mentally connect with them at their age and I found myself slipping into littlespace with them and play. ::3: :heart:
I feel like it's how you act and what you like. If you like to be babied and say like diapers and stuff like that then you're a baby. You know? If you tend to be more bratty I feel then your more of a toddler (you know those terrible twos). And if you feel your not that bratty then you're in the child range. I could be wrong though. :)

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