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I have been using a binky more and more as I progress into my diapered 24-7 life. It started off as just a cute aesthetic early in our mxbb relationship and has progressed to needing one to sleep, having an extra in my diaper bag, having 1 in my cars center console, and 1 that I carry in my pocket for emergency anxiety use. Little for big gen 3 are my jam as well as glow in the dark gen 2s!
:splode: agree :pheart: my favorite one has a shooting star . I used to be a thumb sucker or cornor of the blanket soother untill I realized they had adult size paci for my little self . Now Im hookrd and happy
I do and I love my binky, I think even if your little age isn’t quite as young, it’s still a great anxiety relief tool or something to help you slow your breathing and calm down. Also the deco ones are just super cute. I got an adult one from Amazon really cheap, it’s the littleforbig brand.
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