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Yes I do I got my first one rather recently and I absolutely love it!! :pacy: it's a deco one with a bat on it and the handle says baby bat it's so pretty! :pheart: :pheart:
I wish I could use it more but living at home makes it rather difficult, but I use it when I can.
I do! It’s light blue. No decor as I prefer it that way for now but may decorate it myself or buy one with minimal decor. I mostly use it when I run out of milk and Can’t have my baba & sometimes to sleep if I need extra comfort.
By Deleted User 76281
I used to have one, just a plain baby blue. They are nice to use but only for short periods of time. Im a teether so it’s hard for me to not chew on it so I use a dedicated teether. I do need another one though because my dog got ahold of it.
I use both adult and toddler pacifier’s depending on how I feel and where I am.
Home I use an adult pacifier most of the time from when I get home from work till I go to work.
Work I carry a toddler one just in case I need to calm down .
Round friends mostly I wear a toddler pacifier on my bib but carry a adult pacifier
mine is plain blue, maybe unpopular opinion but im not a huge fan of the ones decorated with beads, its not something ive ever seen on a real child!
it helps me fall asleep :sleep: and feel littler, trying to speak thru it makes me feel littler too because it impedes my speech, lol.
something awesome is, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatnot, if you can get them to put it in for you, its a nice feelin :yes:
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