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What age-range most closely resembles your most common regression?

By Deleted User 62111
By the age range shown on the poll, my regressive ages vary throughout the different stages from Newborn all the way to young teen. But teen and older teen are how I behave in my usual day to day, even though I'm twenty-one already. I have multiple younger selves as well as a kitten side to boot (because if I'm gonna live my life to the fullest AND live the scene life my mind thinks 'Well let's just make this situation THAT much MORE complicated... :sry: )

Let's face it... (I am never gonna find any daddies and I'll be alone FOREVER with the exception of my stuffie fluffy and Bob aka my punching dummy)... But I'll live because what can I say, I'm stubborn in the ways that count ::3: ... ANYWHO I do carry from being a newborn that just kinda lays there, babbles nonsensical sounds to myself and is completely reliant on a caretaker for ALL individual needs. But I also turn into a toddler, crawling around using sippy cups and trying to write big words with my crayons like the word RAINBOW!!! That's a REALLY BIG ONE! I'm proud of that one, but it was a little wonky tho... :txt: But I also have my preteen stage where I'm a rebellious brat with an attitude, and 'I know better than you, and you're just a dumb adult and know nothing' temper and a habit of slaming doors and refusing timeouts... My kitten side is more like a less than covert stalker, you can see me peeking at you, but I don't like you... Hence I have dubbed my kitten self the name 'Pikachu' because I think it's funny to think that when I'm Pikachu I'll Peek-at-chU' :rofl: I'm also very prickly about people when I'm a kitty so while I won't scratch, I'll still make barn sure that you know that I would if I had the claws to do it... I might bite, but usually I just get my point across with my VERY pointed death glare. But that's me, I'm pretty easy to please in terms of likely almost everything, but I'm also a bit of a mixed basket and I am particular about only liking things at certain times when I am in my specific little personas.
By Deleted User 63887
I'm almost 26, but my littlespace age range is usually 4-6. I like to play with toys and stuffies and watch cartoons and coloring and stuff like that. When I'm in this range I feel really small and vulnerable, but also kind of bubbly in a shy kind of way, if that makes sense. I also really love cute stuff here lol.
I've only recently discovered what I am despite having lived like this my whole life because I didn't know there was a name for it and a wider community for older regressors. I have been aware of the AB community and of younger littles for quite some time, but I never identified as feeling or desiring to be like that, so I never actually thought I was a regressor at all. Only within the last decade did I learn that there were older regressions, and just recently came to realise and admit this part of myself. My most common regression is middle and teen, but once in a while I've also dipped into older little and liddle mindsets as well (5-12) - but I've spent my life suppressing those and not allowed myself to explore that side of myself.

I guess that would make me an age flux according to some material I've read online, but my normal default range (90% of the time) is 12-17.

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