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Littles here answer questions about being a Little.
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Being bathed and dressed. Wearing my onesie. When I get Sassy and my daddy makes me suck my thumb. Having a bed time and getting tucked in. When my husband/daddy feeds me from his plate and wipes my mouth. I only wear diapers for punishment. And I get my 30 minutes private bathroom time. But I shape up really fast after that. Especially since he makes me lift my skirt and show his friends. Treat a little like their little
candycoatedbabyboy wrote: 6 years ago i get really little when:

  • i watch cartoons or anime
  • i wear my totoro onesie :heart:
  • i wear bright or pastel colors
  • my daddy calls me baby boy :heart:
  • my daddy does things for me
  • i bake sweets :heart:
  • i smoke
  • i color or draw :heart:
  • i snuggle daddy
  • i snuggle my stuffies
  • i snuggle my daddy and my stuffies :heart:
  • i come to my little space tumblr or twitter, or littlespaceonline, another site, or another forum
i think you just said how id feel little. i like cartoons and walking around the house in my undies. i dont have a daddy but my family knows im little and they take care of me. but anyway i feel the same way.
@candycoatedbabyboy, @candycoatedbabyboy,

hi im a fellow little and i just started giggling and smiling when i read that gumball is your favorite show. ive got gumball shirts and a poster and a bed set and a sweater. i absolutely love that show :)
Being tired, Reading fanfiction(is now), having accident, putting on onsie,my paci,my binky,my stufy, anytime someone calls me little one or baby boy,right before bed, right when waking uppies, when watching paw twol.
i cuddle my stuffies and watch baby/kids movies i get my paci heated an weighted blankie an ask my twin for cuddles ans head pats (he knows i agere and he supports it)
For me is little different.
I do not have little space since I am "in one" all the time.
Little is part of who I am,
Part of my personality and my mental age- I experienve it all the time
while I still have my own adult thoughts and way of living . ( I am an adult little)

I do not have Little space to act like m mental age, BUT I do have some " triggers" that makes me to act more childish and to be more open to express my childish behavior such as lack of attation, and a "mommy" figure that makes me fe young and loved

Also chocolate! Plushies and sweets in general ! They makes me so hyper and energatic when I am around it!
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