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It's happened to me a few times but it's kinda rare for me. I fall asleep in little space all the time though. And I sleep with my stuffie regardless if Im in little space or not lol.
A lot of times on the weekend, I wake up in little space feeling sad when I notice that my paci popped out of my mouth during the night or my teddy bear fell on the floor ;-; I end up feeling bad for teddy. Other times I wake up in little space when I feel warm in my big soft blankie /.\ it always feels nice to be comfy
Nine times out of ten if I'm feeling little when I fall asleep, I'm going to wake up small. There have been a few times that I would go to sleep small, and wake up even smaller if that makes since. And to me, there is something amazing about waking up small, snuggled into bed with a kitty and plushies. <3
I find myself constantly waking up in little space.
It can take me awhile to get out of it, which is hard if I have to go to work. Generally I wake up in little space if I went to bed in little space or if I am still really sleepy.
Usually, I go to sleep feeling little, since I have a bunch of sleep problems and littlespace helps with them. I don't have many mornings when I wake up little, though on the occasion I do, it can be really annoying if I have something to be doing that day. Anytime I wake up from a nightmare, though, you can bet I'm REALLY deep into littlespace. Whenever I get scared I tend to go into headspace.
I love when i fall asleep with my favorite stuffie and a paci and then when i wake up, i’m still a wittle and cuddling my wittle baby stuffie in my arms. it is the BESTEST feewing out there to me :stuffie: :shuff: :heart:
I've been going to bed little every night that I can for a few years now. Which is pretty much every night. I've always had trouble falling asleep, and having this routine helps a little. I always feel especially little when I'm all cozy in my jammies, surrounded by all my stuffies, wrapped up in my blankie, and sucking on my paci.
And when i go to bed little, I always wake up little. I'm really not a morning person, and I usually spend the first part of my morning wrapped up in my blankie, on the couch, with all the same stuff haha, and I just want someone to cuddle me so badly for that first while. ::p: I usually have to spend most of my day being adult, but i try to make sure i have some time in the morning to be little.
And since I've been doing this, my dreams have been different. I used to have all these super crazy dreams, that were sometimes really cool. And occasionally really scary. Now I mostly dream about doing normal everyday stuff, except at some point I'll realize I'm wearing all my little stuff. Or I'll try and talk to someone, and realize they can't understand me, because I have a pacifier in my mouth. :paci: What's weird is that no one ever seems to care in my dreams, like it's no big deal that I look like a big toddler. :-?:
I hardly ever wake up in little space unless my day before was extra challenging or I had a bad dream and need mama… however falling asleep in little space is almost part of my routine now. I always have a stuffie and blankie, sometimes my paci to go to sleep and will watch a cartoon to wind right down.
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