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For me although sometimes I love when people treat me as little, dependent, and submissive, it isn’t all I am as a person. I’m little because I like regression and cute things and the overall childlike form of submission where you’re dependent on your dom. I’m not delusional, however, and I know that I’m an adult, not a child, and that I’ve still gotta work and contribute to society. When I’m being big I need to be taken seriously and am quite independent. If somebody were to talk down to me that I didn’t know I’d be offended, whereas if it were a dom or someone close to me who respects me in and out of little space then that’s totally different. Great question though, have an awesome day!!!!
:pen: This question is hard...
I've never had anyone with me in my littlespace, so I really really wanna see that stuff and feel that stuff, but I grew! And it took lots of time, and I learned tons of stuff, so even if I'm still afraid of independence, sometimes I want to be looked at as I am. :-?: I think, ideally, it would be an on-off thing like always, but more recognised by society, so it wouldn't be so stressful to hide all the time. ::p:
Tbh, no.

I have a little friend and we often spend time together as littles. She can be more open about her little space, but because I can't when I go over to her house I tend to be little more than she can. She often takes care of me and I like that. My experience of being treated my age could be different for most, but it's like if I ever do anything wrong my age is instantly pushed into that and often times unfairly and sometimes I could be in little-space and no one would know but me.

Plus the older you get the more effort your expect to put intothings and be the bigger person.

I stick with being little and treated that way.
Honestly, on the one hand? It'd mean I'd never have to grow up from wearing nappies, never have to deal with making tough decisions, and never have to worry about learning how to drive.

On the other hand, not only was that how I was treated when growing up on the spectrum, I also need to accept some responsibilities that come with my Real Life age [25].

So it depends on what you'd prioritise.

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