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Does anyone else want both a mommy and daddy? I've always wanted both. I mean I am perfectly ok with my daddy and he is my one and only. But if we would add a mommy it would be even more amazing for both of us. I would be mommy and daddy's little baby and daddy would have a mommy as well.
my daddy and I have talked about this before... I'm bi and when I'm with a girl I'm the domme/mommy but when I'm with a guy, which will be forever my daddy, I'm a sub and a little.

you may be a switch like I am with different people but weve talked about adding a third party to our relationship down the road and getting a kitten... where you draw the line with that will have to be your own choice tho.
I feel having to caregivers would be great for me as I would like to be a little all the time and feel it would not be possible for one person to keep up with. Plus all the added attention and play time with two mommies or a mommy and daddy would be amazing. On the sensual side of thing it would be fun to get to play with both together and alone.
It’s so cool there are so many littles out there who want a mommy and a daddy! I’ve struggled with my little side, but have gradually come to terms with it. I’ve wanted a daddy for so long, but lately, I’ve loved the idea of having both but felt awkward about wanting that. To have both to please and cuddle with would be amazing!
It's ok to want both us littles need lots of attention as I'm sure everyone knows and what better way to get more attention them from having a mommy and daddy so if that is what you would like then discuss it with your daddy I'm sure if he is ok with this then you can look for a mommy just make sure he is ok with this idea as there's nothing worse then him agreeing with you because it will make you happy when he doesn't really want to share you with someone else
I'm a little completely, but I'm so clingy and attention seeking that both me and my Daddy think that I could benefit from a Mommy Dom or an older sibling to help take care of me and look out for my best interest. I'm just afraid that my Daddy might be hurt if I give more attention accidentally to a Mommy or a big sibling than to him.
Me and my daddy have talked about something very similar to this hes said he'd love for me to have a mommy or a sister because i'm bi and because hes still learning and some things hes still uncomfortable with due to his past relationships and stuff but we have also talked about it because we have talked about going poly and for us it would be perfect if they were into cg/l even if they were just learning like we are as well or atleast have them opened to it....

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