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I don’t have a caregiver (yet maybe one day) but I would love be called “kiddo” or “baby girl.” When I hear these endearments from friends I get all shy and giggly, just because I love those endearments.

FullyCub :stuffie: :pacy:
Baby boy, little boy, little one, pretty much anything that is preceded by the word little, as long as its cute haha. I bet there's lots of nicknames I'd like, but my favorite is probably prince. I'm not sure why I like that one so much. I just know that I really REALLY want to be someone's little Prince. :nodyes:
I really really wanna be called Bub, and Prince, even though I’m kind of feminine some times but I’d say I’m more masculine and prefer more names with masculine vibes and anything like that and I also like cutie But I don’t have anyone to call me those things since i don’t have anyone that knows I’m little :>.<:
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