A munch is a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in this adult dynamic. Feel free to toss around your ideas for a local munch meet-up or list dates, times, and locations for already-set munches.
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:share: so out of pure curiosity~ Anyone from the east coast????? I wanna see if a meet up group is a possibility? :D cuz it sounds fun to me! But anywho~ if chu aren't comfy replying here, a PM may be best, which ever you prefer and is allowed on here. ♡♡♡♡
BabyCasey123 wrote: 3 years ago I 16 in rl

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Our community requires you to be biologically 18 years or older to use it. There are no exceptions, ever. This same rule applies to every person who accesses our site. We'd really appreciate it if you took the time to read and actually follow our rules. Littlespace Online is intended for a mature audience over the age of consent (18+ or 21+ depending on the user's location). We do not encourage contact regarding this scene or lifestyle with minors. Since the user was found to be under the biological age of 18 they have been banned from our site for now. The user may contact the admin through the link below if there has been a misunderstanding. http://www.littlespaceonline.com/member ... ntactadmin
wrote:It is illegal to engage in any type of sensual conversation with a minor. Being biologically under the age of 18 would be considered a minor. DDLG / Caregiver/little = a part of BDSM which = a type of sensual relation/communication. Doms need to be smart. If you are thinking, "Well, we wouldn't be talking about relations..." then think about a situation where you'd need to explain to a parent of a 15 year old why in the world you were telling them what to do, babying them, and textually pretending to be a "father figure" or "motherly" online to the teenaged person. Think of how you'd explain that situation to the authorities. Think of how you'd explain that situation to a court room. Your IP can be tracked. Your cell number can locate you. Your email address can be linked to who you are and where you are. Be smart; not desperate.
I am 28 yo biologically (2-5 in littlespace) and located in NJ looking for little friends. I am also looking for a Daddy but will address that in personals. It would be so much fun to have a meetup or to be able to have a playdate with another little :)

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