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Some regressors think they want to have everything done to, with, and for them and have a caregiver who never tells them no. It can be healthy to say no sometimes as a caregiver who is guiding their little. Do you feel like it's hard for you to tell your little no sometimes? When?
I found it to be beneficial to include an explanation as to why I said "no". There may still have been a few occasions tears but she came to understand that there would be times when she couldn't have what she wanted because it wouldn't have been in her best interest .
I need a momma acause a lot of times I can't tell myself "no" even tho I know bettew. Iss like I need help building my willpowew muskles.

I also agwee with Always, if I weally don't undewstand why something is the way it is or a wule is there or am being told "no," then that'll just make me want to bweak that wule even more to try to undewstand what's wwong wiph it. If I know why, I might not be happy, but I'll "get it" and it helps me stop.
Whether the relationship is strictly online or for real, I'd have to say it would depend on the situation at hand. If I need to turn her down because of a safety or health issue, As someone above mentioned, I'll also include an explanation for my decision. On other things that fall in the "grey areas" of importance (i.e. a small snack before a meal, or an extended bed time), I'll try to be a bit more flexible.
I think that in any dynamic, it's not healthy to be a doormat and be an open "yes" - particularly more so in a caregiver/daddy/mommy role. While certainly the dynamic is unique to every pairing, I think that the structure the caregiver provides is an important aspect for the little. that being said i'm definitely guilty of spoiling my sweetie but I've come to realize that structure and saying "no" with an explanation and perhaps providing an opportunity for it to become a "yes" (chores, goals reached for, etc.) can be incredibly rewarding for both the cg and little.
Right now I'm in a idr with my baby girl with plans on eventually moving in together. I confess that i do spoil her, probably more once we are together, but like many has said already, if it's about both our safety then "no" is not hard for me to say. Now once i say no, i don't go back on it even when it's in the grey area. I am sure once we are together it will become harder for me to say no in those grey areas, but it's something I'll be working on.
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