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I wish there was a way to bring sanity to insane Behavior personality traits, but there isn't. It sounds like this person was not sincere with his intentions or feelings. Or it could have been a myriad of other unknown factors. While I can't comment on an individual's decision to back out of an agreement and run away, I can say that the young lady who felt closer than she had ever felt now knows what to look for. That closeness. That Bond. The universe has a way of working things out. That man was obviously not the right one for her, but I guarantee the right one will come along and match her perfectly. Patience is a virtue and time is on our side.
I too had a daddy. I admit the relationship was not long, but we supposedly had a connection (online graduating to meeting). Then one night he said he'll message me tomorrow and me still in my little space is all excited for tomorrow, but when I wake up our conversations had been deleted. I had never felt so crushed before. The next day I awakened to a message from him. He tells me he's sorry, there was a family emergency and he can't deal with anything anymore. Then just before he just deleted the account again, he said if he doesn't get back in 2 days then forget about him. I had tried to talk to him, but it didn't work. I ended up stuck in little space for days. I tried to talk to a friend (outside the community) but he didn't understand. He thought I was being silly.
It's so hard to find a daddy and in the chat rooms, everyone wants to be a daddy.

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