Share favorite or interesting recipes.
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Does anyone like pasta? My mom invented a very delicious recipe of pasta.
Its pasta, onion, egg, nothing eonionThe onion and egg are both fried. And you can use with potatoes too. Or what you think of at the time. I love it. Is my favourite. Hope you guys liove it too.
I love pasta. Being at university with a student budget I live off of it. To be honest I think the whole flat does so if anyone has any easy recipes for a student budget please let me know I would love to try something new that isn't to difficult. :bye:
I love pasta very much! Probably one of my most favorite things to do with it is make different types of lasagna with it. I slightly mess up with the waiting part after baking it. Sadly my stomach does not like beef too much so I make it out of seafood or veggies. Veggie one can be a bit tricky mixing vegetables but if the right mix is done, it tastes very good and is filling!
By SplsihySplashy99
I love pasta, especially elbow macaroni noodles. My favorite type of pasta or macaroni is Mac & Cheese, but also love all sorts of spaghetti as well as Lasagna. It can be meat Lasagna as well as Vegetable Lasagna, it doesn't matter. Homemade Mac & Cheese though made by my Mom where the Cheese on the top is slightly crusted is just to die for.
I love pasta. It's really easy to make and it tastes so great. My favorite pasta is angel hair. But I also really love gnocchi carbonara. It's amazing. I don't know how to make it but I have gotten it from a restaurant. It's so good. It tastes like heaven.
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By nicc
Pasta is so good, I'm pretty sure it makes up like half of my diet haha. But my favoritest are the ones shaped like little bows ties. Also I lovvvvvvve gnocchi even though I'm pretty sure it's made out of potato or something.
I like pasta too much for my own good. I figured I would share one of my favorite quick pasta recipes, cacio e pepe with artichoke. This is a good low budget dish.

Chop marinated artichoke hearts a bit larger than a dice and saute in butter (or the fat of your choice). Cook your favorite pasta in salted water and reserve the water when pasta is done. Don't use too much water as you want to ensure it is starchy. Cook some freshly ground black pepper in a couple tablespoons of olive oil then combine with grated romano or parmigiano and some of the pasta water. Stir until the cheese melts and makes a sauce. Adjust consistency with the pasta water. Then toss cooked pasta and artichokes in the sauce. Top with more cheese if desired.
Well.. duh! It's one of my favorite dishes, so many possibilities! That sounds great! *drool* I love simple pasta dishes, sounds like it might be good with bell peppers added as well. I'm thinking of making a parmesan mac and cheese tonight, I hope it turns out well, being as I usually only use cheddar.
I absolutely love pasta! Anything pasta related is a treat for me hehe! My favorite pasta is fettuccine alfredo, especially the one from Olive Garden c: Daddy also loves pasta, he told me about one time when he went to a restaurant that looked like Italy on the inside, and it even had miniature landmarks from Italy!
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