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You know you are a little when...

You cant you to the grocery store without buying more sweets than you buy real healthy foods Yup yup!

You know you are a little when...

You like wearing footed pajamas all year... not just when its cold outside! Yup yup!
You know you're a little when:

-you get frustrated trying to line up your plushes and stuffies and they keep falling down
-you want more stuffed plushes and can't help but get as many as ten more from one visit to a store
-you ask your big to buy you candy for being a good little, and give them sad eyes if they say no
You know you're a little when:

You always miss match your brightly-colored socks because matching is boring.

You wear hair bows on a daily basis.

The best part about baking is getting to taste the batter.

You want to hug every stuffie in the store.
You know you're a little when... :angel: :pacy: :splode: :pres:

- You bring your stuffed animal everywhere and you get sad without it!
- Every trip to the store involves looking at ALL the stickers and ALL the toys
- You're always looking for a new sippycup to become your new favourite!
-any pet name makes you blush and feel shy all of a sudden
-when you wake up in the morning and the stuffie you slept with is on the floor so you frantically grab it and pull it under the covers. Then you say sorry for kicking it out of bed and insist to it that you would never do that in your awake state.
When you have more dolls and stuffies then can fit in your room :D
When you love wearing onesies
When you love to watch a disney with your tummie in your mouth
When you can feel the magic all around you and having a big fantasy world

Never grow up, it`s a trap!
-Your considered the child at your job simply because of the way you act

-You need a paci to sleep

-Showers dont exist, only baths with dramatic scenes put on by ducky momo and barbie

-You literally skip through out the day (Hey, my calfs are loving the attention :P)
By NevaehReign
You know you're little when:
You go to the store for vegetables and healthy ickyness but come out with Chocolate, Ice cream, and Lollipops.
You say you're only buying one stuffie and end up buying one plus all its friends. Logical thinking. No one should be lonely.
When you're having an adult conversation and all you can think about is the new box of crayons you have at home.
Or when Daddy says Baby girl, Princess or Little one and you lose all composure. Waterfalls down below.
You know you're little when:
-Nap times are a must or you're grumpy all day
-You have a chair for your stuffies at the dinner table
-You have dozens of coloring books that are all halfway filled
-Bubble baths are the only bath
-You try to eat healthy but somehow end up eating chocolate
By EndxDreams
you know your little when... :paci: :pacy:

-you start kicking your feet back n forth between a seat even in a presentation playfully :gigs:
-you win a argument with babbling <3
-continually sing into a fan :3 :yes:


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