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stumblin_Grace wrote:you own far more colorful wacky socks than regular white ones... and you NEVER wear the white ones.

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even as a caregiver i never wear white socks, they're boring
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You know you're a little when :

- a co-worker plays disney songs and you are the only who know the words to 90% of the songs.
- you go to the store for bread and come out with snacks and a onesie.
- When you get along with your friends kids better than they do because you have tons of toys.
- At the same time you have the most bombed out, kick and scream festival of an argument with said kids and adults have to come in and calm everyone down.
You know you are a Little when...

[*] Headpats are amazing.
[*] You yearn for dinosaur chicken nuggets like nothing else.
[*] You also kind of have a pink dinosaur onesie with the cutest 'lil tail on it.
[*] You've given up sleeping with all your plushies (because you easily have 25+) so now they take turns on your bed.
-You feel sad and the first thing you reach for is your CG or if they're not available... your favorite stuffie!! :stuffie:
-There are tons of unfinished coloring pages in your coloring books
-Wearing anything in your favorite color makes you feel on top of the world (for me it's pink or purple xD) :dance:
Your dogs/other pets have multiple nicknames and it's so used to you calling it things like "pooshy!! Smooshy! Squishyqishypuppy!" That it just comes to any word you shout loudly

You're attracted to places that have soaps and candles not because you actually like the way things smell, but because you're pretty sure you saw a bundle that came with a teddy

You physically can't outgrow things like Pokémon because everytime a new game comes out, "AHHH THIS NEW POKÉMON IS SO CUTE I NEED IT"

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