Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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By Cybunny
I have a Cheshire cat from Disney land with a super long tail that I named kitty! I also have a big arpakasso that I love and a korillakuma pillow along with various smaller stuffies. There's a reallllly cute gatomon stuffie at the local game store that I really want!!
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By Atalie984
My favorite stuffie is my elephant Avery. I got him on a trip with my friends and he was very soft and the perfect size to hug at night when I needed to sleep. We were in a hotel and it’s scary for me to sleep in a different place at night, so he helped a lot. I’ve slept with him every night for the past two years.
By Deleted User 35790
My favorite is the stuffed teddy my girlfriend gave me. It doesn't have a name.
I have a stuffed teddy named Gregory.
A stuffed shark named Stanley.
My favorite pokemon, Jolteon.
A fox named Franklin.
A monkey named Bobo.
A stuffed duck with no name.
I had a stuffed Lizard and Unicorn named Nameless (lizard) and Spencer Gannon (unicorn)
This is woody.
*Shoves her bear in your face* LOOK AT MY WOODY!

He is my only stuffed animal. He guards my blanket fort. We're life partners and I rescued him from a resale shop. I just looked in his eyes and knew we were kindred spirits.
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By littleTyler
I have 7 stuffed animals.
A giant bear named, Barry the understudy (longish story)
A big dog named Superdog
A frog named king Frog
A stuffed crow who I never really named
A monkey named Louie
A bull dog that was given to me by my co workers, as a joke, not realizing how much I appreciate stuffed animals lol.
And my favorite, Duk-Duk! :stuffie: Who's an old stuffed Daffy Duck who's probably 25 to 30 years old. Yet he's in surprisingly good condition.
I call Duk-Duk and my actual live cat Floyd, my lieutenants, they're in charge when I'm not home. :arr: (Although Duk-Duk is usually with me when I'm out)
I'm also going to be getting a stuffed Toothless for Christmas, so I'm pretty excited about that.
I definitely want more lol. But I'm trying to put myself off until I have a caregiver, I feel like they would mean more if someone else got them for me. ::p: :pres:
Also if I start buying every stuffie I want, I won't be able to fit in my own bed soon haha. :sleep:
I have a big tiger plushie, her name is nala and she helped me true a lot with cuddles and huggies, I can wrap my whole body around it and I still feel small compared to her
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By Adora98
My favorite stuffy is Shimmy and she's a turtle. Her name is Shimmy because her eyes are shiny bt I don't want to call her 'Shiny' because I want to smile whenever I say her name. When I say 'shiny" my mouth goes round but when I say "Shimmy" my mouth stays smiling :) I brought her as a reward for myself because I've gotten high grades for the semester and my friend said I deserved a break and something that will make me happy. Shimmy makes me happy
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By Adora98
Marshmalohgrrl wrote: 2 years ago I collect Mooshmallowz and I have a whole crate full of them. But my favorite is Smoosh. She's a caticorn and I love her very much. :)
Can I ask what is a "caticorn"?
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By tweenbrat
I have too many plushes to count to be honest. :stuffie: My favorites are bears that my mom and fiancee have given me over the years, especially a white bear holding a white heart and a chocolate scented bear.

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