Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Candy! All the candy! Taffy and chocolate and skittles and starburst! Apple juice! Orange juice! Cranberry juice! Pomegranate juice! So many juices I could name them all. So many candies too! But a lot of candy is bad for me. So I also eat fruit. Green apple are my favorite, but I don't like red apples, but maybe golden apples because they're pretty. Mangos too. And pineapples. And grapes if they're really cold. Dried fruit chips are great too because normally they're juicy and crunchy? But dried fruit is so weird because you're expecting juice but it's a chip!
My favorite little space snack is chicken nuggets, Mac and cheese, and chocolate milk ^^ I love chocolate milk the most though! I usually drink it out of my big girl cup cause it makes me feel small x3 I'll put on my favorite cartoons and drink it with my favorite stuffie Leo the Lion
I like lots of snacks during little space and when watching movies. I think mines favorites are pop-tarts or animal crackers or cookies in general and juices like grape and apple. Sometimes I like Cheetos and sprite but I can't have the pop too much cause it makes me go a little crazy. :heart: :craze: :heart:
Mine are goldfishies and apple juice too! I also love dry cheerios and fruitloops. Some other favorites are chicken nuggies with barbequ sauce, popcorn, and gummie bears. does anyone else like being hand fed cx? I dunno if im just weird or whatever the case may be but i love it!
I have a few favorite drinks that I like to have in little space (Such as Hi-C) but as for snacks specifically, I do agree, fruit loops are a cute, fun, favorite. Also, lunchables are pretty good too. Fruit Smiles and smiley fries are super adorable too, and make me feel super small when i eat them
Tortillas rolled up with probably any spread. Jam. Cream cheese. Peanut butter. Almond butter (but that needs honey with it). Hummus (it's so good even though it burns my mouth a bit). If I'm especially big while I'm making it, spreading butter and sprinkling cinnamon and sugar on it, rolling it up, and baking it for a little bit. Or cheesy rollups. I really like lunchables, even though they never match up my favorite meal with my favorite capri sun.

For drinks, nothing beats apple juice or chocolate milk. Or regular milk if it's with peanut butter or jam (or peanut butter and jam sandwiches), or almond butter/honey.

In the winter, hot cocoa with peanut butter toast is super good. More generally, apple slices with cheese and spicy mustard.
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