Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Unfortunately most of the snacks I would like to eat in Littlespace, I can't. I have a condition called GERD which is basically a severe form of acid reflux.

However, so far, I have discovered that my favorite Littlespace snacks are PB and J (even though I shouldn't be eating peanut butter, thanks GERD), baby carrots, apples (Peeled and sliced), animal cookies, anything from hostess/Little Debbie (Which, again I usually regret eating later) and character soups (The ones put out by Campbell with Princess/Cars/Star Wars shaped noodles. Or Chicken and Stars).

I don't mind Chef Boyardee sometimes. Dinosaurs and meatballs used to be my favorite. I also really like cheese dogs with ketchup(Especially if they're sliced to look like an octopus 🐙). Disney shaped waffles are good too even though I prefer pancakes 😋. I don't mind buttered noodles or just plain white rice with butter and salt.

I can't really eat McDonald's much and even when I do, I'm usually with family so I don't get the kid's meal. But I want to.
KwystalWuv wrote: 4 years ago Candy! All the candy! Taffy and chocolate and skittles and starburst! Apple juice! Orange juice! Cranberry juice! Pomegranate juice! So many juices I could name them all. So many candies too! But a lot of candy is bad for me. So I also eat fruit. Green apple are my favorite, but I don't like red apples, but maybe golden apples because they're pretty. Mangos too. And pineapples. And grapes if they're really cold. Dried fruit chips are great too because normally they're juicy and crunchy? But dried fruit is so weird because you're expecting juice but it's a chip!
I like candy a lot too, but can't have it too much. Have ya ever had peach rings? They're awesome! They're sweet and tangy like peaches, but chewy, like gummy bears. They're like my current fav snack. :)
I looove to have an apple with some type of oatmilk (I'm allergic to dairy so this is my alternative). I love all kinds of fruits, baby carrots, mini pretzels, and pb&j. I don't really like sweets, but every once in a great while I want a bit of dairy free ice cream. Snacks are my favorite and I would eat them all the time if I was able to. :pheart:
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