Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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My favorite Littlespace snack would be Animal crackers! Can play with them and make them go rawr!! Strawberry Poptarts, and Cheez-it's. With Cheez-it's I am siwwy with them and act like they are little square space ships and I am the one that destroy the Cheez-it fleet by nomming them apart! XP
By SplsihySplashy99
Cheerios are my favorite little snack. My Daddy each night either when I am sitting on the couch with him watching Cartoons or a Movie or just during my playtime my Daddy will put some in a little bowl and I will just pick them out and eat them up. Even growing up I enjoyed Cheerios Cereal for breakfast.
My favorite is goldfish too!! Especially vanilla cupcake ones and the cinnamon sugar ones! Also any type of gummy snacks! I prefer welch's tropical ones or mott's normal ones. The motts are my favorite though! They're so tasty and sweet and taste like real fruit!

And I love any variation of juice as long as I'm drinking it with a straw! But my favorite is probably pineapple banana orange juice or any pineapple juice by dole!
I have a few goto snack when im wittle. Lolipops and pop tarts are so yimmy. Grape juice is a must. I will admit i am not the healthiest person in thw world when it comes to snacks but im trying to find stuff like fruit that i enjoy. Mac and cheese is probanly my fav.
I love love love goldfish!!!! Any kind are the best kind but if I have to pick totally extra cheddar! I have a big carton in my dorm right now hehe c: especially with some grape juice in my sippy... it has fish on it too. Also I love the squeezable applesauce eee!! Make my feel so tiny amd i can close them and save them for later cx I think I love food toooooo much
Personally I LOVE pocky! It’s just fun to nibble on. Also sugar cookies are awesome too, and Gerber baby puffs which are super super yummy yum. Plus the puffs are easy to hide if you don’t live as a little in public. They are also super shareable! Perfect for a DDLG snack for two awesome little friends hehe Nomnomnom :heart:
I love taking apart oreos, licking the inside, squishing them back together, and dunking them in milk! Making banana splits together with somebody also makes me feel little especially when I put WAY too many toppings.. Any kind of juice or chocolate or strawberry milk tastes best in a cute plastic cup/sippy!
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