Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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I looooove grape juice so much!! I can guzzle my sippy cup down and always want more of that grape juice!

My second favorite is probably cookies and milk cause I love chocolate chip cookies and I love milk too! It's gotta be whole milk though cause 2% and Skim are so gross! Ewww
i think dry cereal is the best! and i really love apple juice
and warm milk in my sippycup :heart:
also cookies when i've been a good girl

My favorite snack would have to be animal crackers or chees its. I could eat those non stop I know that they are not good for mebut I still love them jsut as much as i love my chocolate milk! I guess if I had to pick a few more snacks my top five woud be:
1 Animal crackers
2 Cheese is
3 cookies-almost any kind
4 pop corn
5 the breadstick and cheese dippers
I love love looove strawberries with some grapes in a little bowl and apple juice on the side! So delicious especially for summer. Although goldfish are amazing too and those animal crackers, ah now I can't pick hahaha. Oh or those pink and white animal crackers
By Angelwings629
My favorite little snack is gummies. Even if I'm not little I love gummies. I'm pretty sure I have an addiction. Especially to Haribo gummy bears or the Welch's fruit snacks. Oh dear, they're so yummy i could eat an entire box in one day. I think they taste best with apple juice but that's not everyone's fav. But yes, for me, definitely gummy bears!
Fruit snacks and apple juice is my favorite little space snacks/drinks :D I also love eating some chocolate or chunky chocolate chip icecream (my fav) :) For din din I like to eat pasta and broccoli (I know not many people like it), but it's really yummy!!
I absolutely love gummies!! They're so chewy and nummy. They have such a nice texture. I really like crackers too, they make a nice crunch! I like to keep them in my mouth till they get all soft, I swear it makes them tastier. Oooh, and strawberries with whipped cream are nummy too! There's so many to choose from honestly.
Yes . I have three I love apple sauce, Scbooy doo graham crackers, and peanut butter and jelly. I love them because first off it can be one of my little meals ♥️. I use the scooby doo treats when I'm also feeling like a kitty as a treat sometimes. Since sushi is too much and I can get those and use it as a little award for studying like when I'm done reading or a break at work. Peanut butter and jelly just tastes so good to me and is so fast to make. Apple sauce since I take medicine it helps with the horrible after taste but other then that I love apple sauce.
hello! my favorite snackies ought to be.. pb & j crackers cause the taste SOOO goood while watching cartoon :yes:
another snack on my fav list is...veggies + dip!! good for da tummy and yummy :eat:
ALSO... we have in this corner!... CANDY!! the all powerful.. all magneficent... yum :splode:
Oh my favorite would have to be fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, and gushers! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!! They're colorful, sweet, sour, and rather entertaining. Hehe :) Fruit snacks can be healthy too so that's a plus on those! Fruit roll ups and gushers are just pure sugar and there's just the right amount in a pack for it to be a prize for being good. :)
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