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Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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[P] - Pay to download/play
[F] - Free to download/play (may be in-app purchase though)

Game Apps:

Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer - Explore a magical underwater world [P]
Adventures Of Poco Eco - Cute exploratory audio visual experience [P]
Ski Safari: Adventure Time - Adventure time meets ski safari [P]
Attack the Light - Steven Universe RPG [P]
Voice Changer - Have fun with voice changing [F]
Goodnight Mr Bear - Soothing animations and lullabies for bed time and story time [F]
Balloon Popping - Pop balloons [F]
Dr Panda Restaurant - Run an Asian restaurant [F]
Dr Pets - Play as a pet doctor [F]
Nighty night - Bedtime story [F]
Toca Kitchen - Cooking game for kids [F]
Toca Kitchen 2 - Cooking game for kids [F]
Card Wars - Adventure time Card Game [P]
Lightbot - Puzzles - Programing Puzzles [P]
Toca Nature - Craft and watch your forest Grow [P]
Toca Builders - Building and crafting [P]
Princess Libby Tea Party - Have a tea party with Libby [F]
Sarah's Cooking - Play as Sara and make tasty recipes [F]
Lego Friends Art Maker - Make art with lego friends [F]
Ever After High:Baby Dragons - Hatch and train your own baby dragon [F]
Rolling Animals - Get to the other side of the hill with rolling animals [F]
Catan - Board game, explore and merchant [P]
Sleepwalkers Journey - A cute puzzle game [P]
Sky Whale - Collect doughnuts by bouncing [F]
Carnival Story - A bubble shooter game [F]
Pixel and Parker - Bedtime story [F]
Poptropica - Explore different worlds and dress your avatar [F]
Where's my water - A puzzle game [P]
Minions Paradise - Build the ultimate minions paradise [F]
Toca Blocks - A cute world builder [P]
Frozen Freefall - A puzzle match game [F]
Strawberry Shortcake - Win cooking competitions & decorate your booth [F]
Cooking Mama - Help mama cook [F]
Goodnight my baby - An interactive sleep book [F]
Stir Fry Stunts - Serve up delicious dishes using ice bear [F]
My Very Hungry Caterpillar - Play with your very own hungry caterpillar [F]
Kids Doodle - A drawing app [F]
Free Coloring - Adult coloring pages [F]
Kids Coloring - Coloring princess pages [F]
Mandala Coloring - 100 Mandala coloring pages [F]
Hamster Life - Raise your hamster [F]
Pancake Tower - How many pancakes can you pile up [F]
Whale trail - Follow willow through the skies of rainbow land [P]
Pokemon Shuffle - A puzzle game [F]
Disney TsumTsum - Collect, connect, and drop tsums [F]
Alpaca World - Become the owner of a cute alpaca farm [F]
Avengers Academy - Play as your favorite avengers and become a hero [F]
Neko Atsume - Attract cats into your yard with food [F]
Kleptocats - Cute kitties stealing treasure [F]
Best Fiends: Puzzle adventure A match 3 puzzle game [F]
Bounded - Guide the ball through various obstacles [F]
Doodle Face - Create cartoon avatars [F]
Bread Kittens - Collect cute kittens [F]
Afrocat: Cute - Care for your very own cat [F]
The Balloons - Navigate your balloons through this endless floater [F]
Tony Farm: Season 3 - Care for your super cute tiny farm [F]
Kuro Jump - Please help Kuro jump [F]
Microtrip - A physics based arcade game [F]
Nyan Cat: Lost in space - In Lost In Space, you can do all the pure awesomeness [F]
Monsters ate my birthday cake - Monsters, cake, powers, puzzly bits, epic adventure, witty repartee and more! [P]
Monument Valley -Guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world [P]
Kami - Handcrafted puzzle game with origami [F]
Bee Leader - Help the bees fill their hives [F]
Threes - A tiny puzzle game that grows on you [P]
Little things forever - Unique and beautiful seek and find game [F]
The nightmare cooperative - Super difficult adorable puzzle adventure! Guide your team to gold and glory [P]
Moe can change: MyRoid for life - Raise your own cute MyRoid [F]
Disco Zoo - Tiny animals big fun [F]
Little Kingdom - Work and play in your own little underground kingdom! [F]
Moe Girl Cafe - Make the cutest Cafe ever [F]
Mimitos cat: Virtual Pet - The cat game you have been waiting to play[F]
Japanese food adventure: Tokyo - Craft and create interesting dishes [F]
Tiny Dice Dungeon - Epic RPG full of danger, wizards and loot! [F]
Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary - Grow caterpillars into butterflies! [F]

Multiplayer Games

Words with friends - Word game [F]
Scrabble - The infamous word game [F]
Muffin Knight - Cute platformer [P]
Bounden - Mobile dancing game for 2 [P]
What am I? - Guessing/acting game [F]
Bloop - tabletop finger frenzy - Race to tap the tiles [P]
Bam Fu - Fight to win your color [F]
King of Opera - Fight for your fame [F]
Ticket to ride - The famous board game with multiplayer cross-platform mode [P]
Duel Otters - The cutest head to head 2 player game [F]
Happy Jump - Help our friendly dessert reach new heights [F]
Candy Cave - Don your cloak, and wield your sword as you fight your way through the cavernous levels of Candy Cave! [F]
Line Cookie Run - A wicked witch is about to eat all the cookies [F]
Giant Turnip Game - Fun twist on the fairytale the giant turnip [F]
Word Monsters - Challenge your friends [F]
Star girl fashion - Create fashion shows around the world [F]
Faif (Big) - Faif is a puzzle/rpg game with a unique battle system based on gambling. [P]
Line play: your avatar world - Create Your Own Avatar & Meet New Friends [F]
Happy Street - Explore, Collect, Fish, Craft and Build an awesome village [F]
MonsterBusters: Match 3 - Match 3 puzzle game [F]
Egg Baby - Raise your cute egg [F]

Health & Wellbeing Apps

Plant Nanny - Encourages water consumption [F]
Walkr: fitness adventure - Encourages exercise [F]
Yoga Monkey - A great app for little yoga beginners [F]
Yoga Guru: Better sleep - Yoga to help you sleep better [F]
Yoga Guru: Depression - Focuses on yoga for littles with depression [F]
Down Dog - For intermediate yoga littles [F]
Calm: Meditation - A helpful meditation app [F]
What's up? - A great anxiety app [F]
Booster Buddy - A great app for mental health and it also has reminders for medication [F]
Breathe Think Do - A sesame Street app that teaches real world problem solving skills [F]
Breathing exercises - For littles and bigs who suffer from anxiety [F]

Rewards, Chores, Charts & Diaries

Kiddie App - Reward Chart [F]
iRewardChart - Reward chart & Chore Chart [F]
Our Home - Chore & Reward Chart [F]
Easykidtokens - Reward chart [F]
Chore Monster - Great for chores [F]

Beautify My Phone

Cute Cupcake Wallpaper [F]
Cuptakes - very cute wallpapers for iOS [F]
There's an app I downloaded called Disney Story Central. It's a wide collection of Disney storybooks and it comes with 2 free books. Make a free account is 2 more books.

Some products, like Kid Cuisine might have codes for books. There's also sometimes holiday promotions for books, like a boom a day. But otherwise, you need money for token or a subscription to get new books of your choosing.
My favourites are alpaca world and neko atsume (of course)!
In alpaca world you adopt, breed, and raise alpacas and then collect wool and stuffs for your alpacas!!
And neko atsume (kitty collector) is where you set out food, toys and, places for kitties to play and sit in your yard and try to collect and name as many as you can!!!

Thank you guys and gas so much for this thread! I am always looking for new and interesting apps for my Android phone and my gosh so many of these sound so cool! Now my only problem will be whether or not my phone has enough memory and storage lol. May be time to delete some old apps I don't use any more.
Any Toca games or coloring games! Always fun. Puzzles are fun. But my favorite is Toca. They have a little bit of everything. Some cost. But only up to 2 us dollars.
I have a lot of vet games on my phone. If you look up vet games, so many free options. A lot of story time apps. The options are endless.
I didn't know about so many of these! I'm always playing on my phone (though I know I should do other things) but I've never thought about finding these kinds of apps. Thank you so much, I have so many new ways to spend my time. Now only if my phone will allow me to download them xD.
Thank you for making this list I'll totally look at some of them. A really fun and cute anime dress up app I have been playing is Love Nikki! It's super cute and colorful. It's like a journey dress up game and plus you have a cute cat sidekick. I'd definitely check it out if you enjoy dress up games! \(^-^)/
By Deleted User 55936
My apps for when I am little are
> Coloring Luna (a story and coloring app wit beautiful music in the background)
> Picross Luna 1 and 2 (similar to the first one but instead of coloring its picross)
> Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (runner game)
> Glow Hockey
> 2 Player Games Free
> Color Peace
> Kawaii Coloring Book
> over 50 different avatar makers (i like making rp ocs that way)
> Kawaii Photo Editor: Deco Cute Stickers Filter
> Photo Glitter Light Effect
> PORTRA - Stunning art filter

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