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By Deleted User 48177
hi!! I am not asexual but I am for sure a non-sexual little. I feel little most of the time but my intimate life is something separate from that
Hey! I'm Demisexual too! It can make things difficult sometimes. I notice I'm different a lot and don't get to enjoy some of the things some other people seem to enjoy. I don't really have casual relationships. I am happy to have deeper connection instead of Just sexytime, though. :)
That part is awesome.
I am so happy to see that there are other littles for whom littlespace is not sexual. While I'm not Ace, littlespace for me is just a state of mind that I can get into to let my Big self relax from the stress of adulting for a while. My Big self works full time while also managing bipolar and Aspergers, so there is a lot on the plate. In littlespace, while taking care of myself is still something I do, trying to look "normal" is something I don't have to worry about. My fiance is supportive of my littlespace, but is in absolute agreement with me that it's not sexual.
I’ve always been asexual, even before I learned what agere was, my littlespace is always nonsexual. Some people I know and even my boyfriend has trouble wrapping his head around what i get out of my littlespace because he’s only known it through sexual bdsm. So sometimes it’s hard to explain the differences between sexual and non sexual little play and asexuality :-.-:
I'm so happy I saw this thread! And Demisexual, I KNEW there had to be a word for it!

I'm definitely somewhere between asexual and demisexual, I've been working on figuring this out, but it's hard when you've always been on your own. :p And I only started coming to terms with this within the past few years.

Maybe it's just me but Personally, I've always found dating and flirting difficult too, I really don't get it, like I just don't have that part of the brain or something.

But since I've been coming to terms with it, I'm really into my own innocence. I've never even had sex before, and the truth is I've been avoiding it. If I got close enough to someone, that might be different. But as it is, the only option I've had is the odd person who has hit on me in bars or parties, and I knew what they were after, and I was very not into it.

So I guess until I find the right person, I guess I'll have to stay all sweet and innocent. :p
By Deleted User 49385
One question! Asexual means you can reproduce on your own with no partner...
Or has the term been murdered into a new slang I missed over the years?

Not being cruel or mean or tick anyone off! so please dont take it that way! Actually asking cause I never seen term Asexual used in this way before! so help me get what your saying?

Trying to say you just don't like sex as a little? Or your sexually flustered I guess you could say and happy in your ab world on your own? both are not Asexual to me in any sense is why I ask!

I live my life as a Little 24/7 pretty much. I don't mix sexual contact with my Time I'm a Little. My Big respects that and does not break this rule. I would not* consider myself Asexual cause of this. I do have sex with my wife just not as a Little.

I hope you get what I mean! Not meant to be rude or anything! Kind of confusing what your saying! If your not sexual at all your "Sexually abstinent" if your like a rabbit in a diaper getting off by yourself you just have a "adult interest" of sorts with diapers or being a little turns you on.... But when a clone of you pops out of your diaper after wacking it and says hi! your then Asexual! as far as science goes! :omfg:
LCB, Asexuality has multiple defenitions. It can have a scientific term, which you’re refering to (Asexual reproduction through forms like mitosis) and A sexuality spectrum within the LGBTQA+ (The asexuality definition we are referencing in this post. Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction preference, it’s an umbrella term and many sexualities and variances can fall under it, (True asexuality, Demisexual, grey asexual, etc.) Some ace (the shortened term for asexuality) people are abstinent or sex repulsed, but not all are. In my case, my partner is Heterosexual and has sexual attraction for me when I’m out of littlespace (We are strictly non sexual when I’m feeling little) but, I don’t have sexual attraction for him any time, yet I’m not against doing sexual things with him, (this varies from relationship to relationship) some couples don’t have sexual relations at all, some do, it’s personal preference. Sometimes, people can be asexual and aromantic, they don’t have sexual or romantic attraction towards other people, these are different things, asexuality being a lack of sexual attraction, aromantic being the lack of romantic attraction, you can have both, neither, or one or the other. Asexual is in the same category as sexual attraction definitions, like Heterosexual, Homosexual, Pansexual, or Bisexual. Alot of the time, ace people are told that they’re broken, or will find the right person that they will want sexually, this isn’t the case truly. Asexual people aren’t validated because of a lack of exposure and representation since we’re rarer and far between, but still exist. I’m an nonsexual little, but that’s not connected to me being asexual, since I have no sexual attraction when I’m big or little. Not all ace people are abstinent, they can have kids and all the sexual encounters they want, while other asexual people may not want any at all, the thing they have in common is a lack of sexual ATTRACTION for other people. (Terms like Demisexual are on the Ace spectrum because they usual represent people who have little sexual attraction or only are sexually attracted to people after they’ve developed a strong emotional connection.)
I'm an age regressor (agere). I don't have a platonic care giver, but it is something I would consider. I like being little and all things childish/babyish, they make me feel so happy. I spend most of my time in a somewhat regressed state. I'm asexual, but not aromantic. Basically, I like relationships but I can't feel "turned on" or get sexual feelings. Relationships for me are like deeper friendships.

Hi ^_^

I found this topic via search. Something I am trying to figure out still. I might be a grey ace. I might have sexual aversion disorder. I might have both... :-?:

I have a Cgl(Re?) something going on I think. As it is nonsexual for me, I think it is very different from more common Cgl relationships. No painful punishments either. It does contain occasional restraints however (I really like restraints esp medical restraints, segufix, posey). It's not sexual, more like fun and playful and I get all gigly and happy from it :gigs: or I get really calm :ninni:

So then I found CglRe online. Looking into it on Tumblr. But they are so very not into twisty stuff or even openly hostile to it. And many of my little friends are twisty. And also, I do like restraints and despite many sexual aversions I would consider myself twisty due to being "weird" :gigs: So perhaps it is more CglAce for me or something I guess :pacy:

O. And I am autistic (aspie). Some stuff might be linked to this, like sensory stuff, emotional and physical needs or aversions. But part could also be trauma related (boundary related) or something else, how I was raised perhaps. Not sure.

Reason I came to the forum is to try figure this out


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