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I just rejoined this community for the first time in about 2 years. I've learned that yes I am asexual. I honestly don't like sex or anything of it. I don't know how common that is with littles or daddy's but if you could share what you think that would be amazing! Thanks so much everyone <3
I think that I can definitely see how being a little and being asexual can go hand in hand! I'm not asexual but I'm not looking for sexytimes when it comes to being a little because I'm in a monogamous relationship and my boyfriend isn't into DDLG stuff. :stuffie:
I'm an asexual little too! I can't stand the thought of sex even when I'm not in little space because I'm sex repulsed too so I understand you there. I've known I was asexual for quite a while so if you need to talk about anything feel free to message me!
By Cutie
Not asexual but my daddy and I are not super sexual wit our DDlg dynamic ^.^ I have a hard time relating to the picture posts of super sexual daddy stuff haha
By EmTheDemiFairy
As an Asexual little, I would love to have a caretaker/little relationship. I'm biromantic, so I would love a Daddy Dom eor Mommy Dom. It does not half to be a sexual thing. In fact, there are many nonsexual littles who are allosexual. Some people are in it for sexual stuff, and some are not, Asexual or not. It's great if you're a sexual little, and great if you are a nonsexual little.
I consider myself asexual. I'm not really interested in anything sex-like for the most part. I will if my Daddy wants to, but I'm not really into the whole thing. There are very very few times I'm interested, but for the most part I'm happier with cuddles and spending time with my Daddy doing things like grocery shopping and stuff.
I've only recently come to terms with being on the spectrum of asexuality. I had always considered myself pansexual, which I suppose does still apply, but I think sexual preference and actual sexuality are 2 different things. A few years ago I did some research on the Ace spectrum and discovered the term Demisexual, which applies to me. I don't experience sexual attraction unless I have an emotional and/or romantic bond with someone. I've been this way for as long as I can remember.

I’m a non-sexual little. I’m glad to know that there’re other littles like me. Someone I know irl laughed at me when I told him, and he said I wouldn’t find anyone like that. Now I can tell him to stick it :p

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