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kitten-princess wrote: 4 years ago I just rejoined this community for the first time in about 2 years. I've learned that yes I am asexual. I honestly don't like sex or anything of it. I don't know how common that is with littles or daddy's but if you could share what you think that would be amazing! Thanks so much everyone <3
I came out of the closet last year. I’m romantically attracted to both genders but sexually attracted to no one. Sometimes men pee me off though.
JacquesDoe wrote:Sometimes, you just want to cuddle up with someone and let them pamper you. As an asexual, my interests are more of the affection variety. I like being treated like a baby.
Me too! I'm all about the affection and cuddling, the sexual stuff not so much.
I am just a Little, whether I have a partner or not. For me, nothing sexual makes me go into my little space. But I can be in my little space when I'm playing with Hubby sexually. I am working out how to ask Hubby to be my Caregiver. It has absolutely nothing to do with sex. :shakeno:

It has to do with me being more happy and doing more happy things - hopefully with him, and also him helping me more with my ADHD forgetfulness and timeliness (rules and rewards). :heart:
I discovered I was a little about a year ago, I think, though my friends and significant others have always said that I have had "little tendencies."

I think I would describe myself as demisexual when Big, like I really have to be very emotionally connected with someone to even think of doing anything sexual. I have strong affectionate feelings for pretty much all genders, though.

In littlespace, I am a sex-repulsed asexual. Seeing anything sexual while immersed in little headspace makes me super uncomfy. I was hesitant to join the CG/L community because of some of the sexually-charged content I saw on Tumblr & other places. Fortunately, this community seems accepting & welcoming.
I'm really new to this, and it made me uncomfortable to think of myself as a little because there was so much I've seen about it that was sexual in nature. I feel like a lot of things I think/feel when the mood strikes are things very little-ish. Anywho, I just wanted to say that it makes me feel a little (haha) more open to accepting the term knowing there are others out there who have the same views on it as me. The thought of having sex with someone when I'm in my headspace makes me feel uncomfy.
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