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Hi everyone, I'm new here. :hi: I just wanted to ask if any littles play games on the ps4 and which games make you feel little? I have a ps4 that I rarely play, but i'd like to play it more, and i think it would be fun to play when i regress, but i don't know much about what's on there to play.

any recommendations would be nice ^^
:hi: :hi: :hi: I play any game I can get my hands on, but for something on the ps4 or around that time, that specifically makes me feel little.

Little Dragon's Cafe was pretty fun for a while, Stardew Valley, Shantae is super funny, Birthday's Beginning was a fun fishtank terrarium type thing thats super exciting to se a little world grow. I also have a deep love of EDF if you don't mind a bit of violence the B movie cheese has me in nonstop fits of giggles, Cat Quest is suuuper cute too. I've also recently gotten into a game called RPG Time which feel suuuper nostalgic for me.

But I also play like everything, so, yeaaaah.
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